Rasta Don't Take The Bribe
October 1, 2014

Track list
  1. Prince Fari & Knowledge - Negusa Nagast
  2. Knowledge - Praises To Jah
  3. Prince Far I - Stop The War
  4. Knowledge - Calling All The Rasses
  5. Knowledge & E.R.S. - Rasses Calling
  6. Knowledge & Brenda Ray - Shoulder To Lean On
  7. Baba Dread - How Long?
  8. Charlie Chaplin & Knowledge - One Way To Zion
  9. Jah Stitch - Domino Tournament
  10. Knowledge & Prince Far I - Janhoi
  11. Charlie Chaplin & Knowledge - Get Up And Move Now
  12. Charlie Chaplin - Mother In Law
  13. Charlie Chaplin, Knowledge) & Prince Far I - Gebbi
  14. Knowledge - Rasta Don't Take Bribe
  15. Jah Stitch - Life In The Ghetto
  16. Knowledge - Good Deed
  17. Knowledge & E.R.S. - Good Mix
  18. Knowledge & Prince Far I - In Our Father's House
  19. Prince Far I - African Queen
  20. Knowledge & E.R.S. - Bumbling Block
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4
Although the title fully credits this cd to Knowledge, it are only 14 out of 20 tracks that feature Anthony "Knowledge" Doley with Dennis "Struggle" Hamilton and Roy Cousins providing harmonies. Not all of the 14 Knowledge tracks are solo efforts. There are also a number of collaborations with artists who have recorded for producer Roy Cousins. And thus it probably would have been better to file this release under 'Various Artists'.

Those familiar with albums put out by Roy Cousins on his own Tamoki-Wambesi imprint know that the producer is not only a master when it comes to recycling his own riddims but also in compiling albums with material from his vaults. And thus you might come across tracks featured here that were already included on other releases (think: Prince Far I's "Stop The War" and "African Queen" on his album "Umkhonto We Sizwe (Spear Of The Nation)"). Also the first track, Prince Far I & Knowledge's stunning dub piece "Negusa Negast" on The Royals' "If You Want Good" riddim, can be found on another Tamoki-Wambesi release, the "Megabit 25, 1922 Dub" (and on the Pressure Sounds release "Dubbing With The Royals"). Knowledge's "Praises To Jah" and Prince Far I's "Stop The War" are solid efforts, both underpinned by the same riddim. "Calling All The Rasses" makes one wonder if this is Anthony Doley on lead vocals, because it's sung in an other, rougher vocal style. The riddim sounds real good, and when the dub version called "Rasses Calling" drops, it turns out to be a killer. A great riddim is also utilized for Knowledge's "One Way To Zion" (with an intro done by Charlie Chaplin) and Jah Stitch's "Domino Tournament", with the latter being the slightly better effort. The first half of this cd is rounded off with the hard-hitting dub piece "Jahnoi" by Knowledge & Prince Far I.

The second half of "Rasta Don't Take Bribe" starts with Knowledge's vocal cut "Get Up And Move Now", Charlie Chaplin's decent deejay answer version "Mother In Law" and its dub called "Gebbi", all three having their own merit and worth hearing. The title track "Rasta Don't Take Bribe", one of Knowledge's best efforts included on this cd, is followed by Jah Stitch's matching sufferers tune "Life In The Ghetto". The next Knowledge track, "Good Deed", lacks good lyrics and thus it's not a song that leaves a good impression. Also its dub version is a lacklustre effort. Knowledge's "In Our Father's House" is a worthwhile roots tune, which can be ranked among the standouts. Next comes "African Queen", which sees Prince Far I paying tribute to all black mothers. With the dub version of Knowledge's "Stumbling Block", "Bumbling Block", the album comes to and end in a satisfying way.

All in all a nice compilation with some real good music from the Tamoki-Wambesi vaults.