Album review
Rasta In Control
Mikey Dread
Dread At The Controls

Tracking list

  1. Rasta In Control
  2. Inna Foreign feat. Horacy Andy & Cedric Myton
  3. Equal Rights
  4. Like You
  5. Give It A Chance
  6. Reggae Session
  7. Keep Smiling
  8. Prophecy
  9. Debut Performance
  10. How We Used To Live feat. Jango
  11. Great God Of Glory
  12. Rasta Irie Oki
  13. His Imperial Majesty
  14. Sacrifice
  15. Prediction
  16. Hawaii Surfer
  17. Year Of Decision
  18. Groove City
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

It has been a long time coming, but now the "Dread In Control" is back with a solid self-produced CD entitled "Rasta In Control". Throughout the second half of the nineties the reggae massive has been deprived of new Mikey Dread music and production work. Not satisfied with the way record companies took care of business towards his products, he has been re-organizing his own label "Dread At The Controls" (D.A.T.C.) in order to run his own business. Besides the plan to re-issue the original catalog of solid, historic, well mixed, and quality analog recordings, Mikey Dread is also going to release new material. This "Rasta In Control" set is the first specimen of his most recent works. With this set Mikey Dread is "pushing towards incorporating a new dimension of instrumentalization and harmony arrangements by utilizing the talent of musicians, who are specialists in their field, seasoned in their craft, and professional in the execution of their works". Another new concept Mikey Dread has incorporated is "the use of digital recording technology to capture the cleanest sounds ever, without compromising his visions and working in a modern environment of audio sophistication, while still maintaining his roots and production styles".
"Rasta In Control", actually a concept album with themes, issues and statements addressed that are to be considered as a continuation of Mikey Dread's works and tradition of D.A.T.C. in general, features 18 brand new tracks of conscious roots and culture. Mikey Dread has delivered a very accessible album, thus not only appealing to reggae fans who are looking for true conscious vibes, but also to those who simply appreciate music that brings pleasure to their listening ears. All tracks featured here benefit from a crisp and clear sound and first class production quality. Mikey's style remains unique and here he proves that he is still in charge. Although most of the riddim tracks are fresh originals, we're also treated to some reworkings of classic riddims as can be experienced while listening to "Rasta In Control", "How We Used To Live" and the wicked "Sacrifice". This album also features a nice rendition of Rod Taylor's "His Imperial Majesty". The latter's original version can be found on the re-issued classic compilation set "Rockers Vibration". It's hard to point out the highlights as every track has its own merit, so let's just stick to our personal favorites which include Inna Foreign", "Equal Rights", "Debut Performance", "Great God Of Glory" and the aforementioned "Sacrifice".

Teacher & Mr. T.

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