Chap Dem Chaplin
Ricky Chaplin
Uniteam Music
May 12, 2014

Track list
  1. Shalom Salam
  2. Sufferation feat. Kiddus I
  3. Time To Unite feat. Big Youth
  4. Jah Love feat. Prince Alla
  5. Straight To The Top feat. Vernon Maytone
  6. World Leaders feat. Echo Minott
  7. It's A Shame feat. Kiddus I
  8. Slave Master
  9. A Nuh Bed Rose feat. Vernon Maytone
  10. My Sound feat. Patrick Andy
  11. Suffer's Dub
  12. Lot's Dub
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
2014 is ramping up to be another banner year of Roots productions that are rich in depth and wisely hailing up sounds that helped shape King's Musik; with a modern and tasteful approach. One fine example of this is Ricky Chaplin's "CHAP DEM CHAPLIN". An incredibly tight but flowing set that links this veteran DJ with a plethora of singers and chanters from the Foundation...

Ricky Chaplin is a deeply conscious DJ who happens to be the brother of the legendary Charlie Chaplin. He began his career in the early 80's with some great sides. One of his earliest sides was "Chant It Chant It" ("Full Up" riddim) on Cornerstone Records (1984). He linked up with the late Phillip "Fatis" Burrell and excelled on the producer's Vena label. Standout singles included "Snack" and "Nah Follow Dem" (1987). His debut album "Skin Up" (Vena, 1987) is seriously great. He continued putting out ites material and came forth with the highly sought out album "Freedom" (Kim & Richie, 1999). Ricky came to full attention with his contribution on Vernon Maytone's "On The Right Track"; a classic from last year. The future is bright for this Rastaman, who is now being represented by Entertainment Works.

"Chap Dem Chaplin" teams Ricky with the stellar ensemble that made Vernon Maytone's release such a success. Produced by Mr. Chin for Uniteam Music and mixed and mastered by Manu Genius at Dubshelter Studio; you can't go wrong. The riddims are provided by Uniteam Allstars and the mastery of Santa Davis, Fully Fullwood, Mighty Erbe, Colin Webster and Dean Fraser. Vocals were recorded at Small World and Yard Backdigital Studios (JA). This set blazes wide open with "Shalom Salam". Over a taut yet flowing structure, Ricky chants like a true veteran and this is a true Rastafari anthem. Powerful in all aspects! "Sufferation" with Kiddus I is pure perfection. The bubbling riddim that's rich in drum and bass power gives way to Ricky's Dread delivery and Kiddus I's calming and wise approach. Reminscent of the power of Kiddus I's recent "Topsy Turvy World". The contrast of calm and pure Fyah delivery is fresh and appealing.

A standout selection is "Time To Unite" with Big Youth - it's amazing. Riding a great "Cuss Cuss" riddim; Ricky flows in classic U Roy fashion and Big Youth is nothing short of majestic. This track is mixed so well; really showcases the genius that Manu has lent to recent Brinsley Forde, Earl 16 and Chezidek sets. "Jah Love" featuring Prince Alla is a Divine work. Ricky embraces U Roy tradition with unique flair and Prince Alla's wisened and sweet voice is hand in hand; Heart in Heart. Add an early Roots Radics influence and you have a blazing track. "Straight To The Top" with Vernon Maytone is taken from Mr. Maytone's album and demands your attention. Great drums from Wim 'Radics' Verbruggen (of ASHAM BAND, Europe 's premier backing band) and key work here.

"World Leaders" is a Dancehall tight excursion. We hear from the undeniable legend Echo Minott, whose sweet delivery is given added dimension with Ricky's versatility. Here, he takes a unique and throaty Dread approach. The riddim section of Fully Fullwood, Mr. Chin, Colin Webster and Mighty Erbe is well tight. Lyrics like "world is in a mess, world power is their only interest" abound throughout. Kiddus I is mighty again on "It's A Shame". Santa, Fully, Tony Chin and Dean Fraser provide a riddim that harks back to early dancehall days and Ricky flourishes like his brother did in the 80's. Great track! "Slave Master" is unique indeed. Ricky masterfully delivers a Mutabarukaesque style that is ideal. His biting lyrics are pure reality. Really shows the diversity of Mr. Chaplin.

"A Nuh Bed Rose" was first heard on Vernon's album and it's so nice to have it here. Vernon's heartfelt vocals are a perfect fit for Ricky's classic U Roy style. Has a classic Dubshelter feel here. The final vocal cut "My Sound" is a boomshot! Over the "Drifter" riddim, Ricky and Dancehall veteran Patrick Andy deliver a deadly combination that will transport you back to the early 80's with flash. We are treated to two Dubs; "Suffer's Dub" ("Sufferation") and "Lot's Dub" ("Jah Love"). The first Dub is a tasty and stark atmosphere with a clean and polished touch; classic Manu Genius touch. Letting the riddim roll and splash in just enough niceness. Great touch. The latter is pure ites. There's more complexity with a slight Mad Professor nuance. The vocals are allowed to flow in just nice.

Ricky Chaplin's "Chap Dem Chaplin" is an instant classic on all levels. It's an international introduction to the massive who are not aware of the sheer brilliance of this DJ. It's an amazing achievement to gather such a Roots roster that truly shine on this project. It's the amazing result of a vision of Mr. Chin and Manu Genius, who make an incredible team. It's an album that brings back true Dancehall with style and fashion. Every track is a winner pon this yah one. Do not miss out on one of the definitive highlights of this year. Highest recommendation. GO DEH!!!!!