Album review
Ready To Groove
Tinga Stewart
RE Records-Hopetina Music
November 27, 2004

Tracking list

  1. Thank You Jah
  2. Dread Out Deh
  3. Loves On The Seen
  4. Ready To Groove
  5. Natty
  6. You Let Me Down
  7. Dream Of Me
  8. Poor Side Of Town
  9. World Power
  10. Story Never Ends
  11. Under Attack
  12. Love Starve
  13. Uptown
  14. Ghetto Side of Town
  15. Richest Continent
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 3/4

Reggae veteran Neville Stewart, better known as Tinga Stewart, began his musical career in 1969, when he did his first recordings - "She's Gone" and "Old Old Song" - with Ernest Wilson of the Clarendonians. These two tunes were followed by the Derrick Harriot produced hit "Hear the Train", which secured Tinga's position early in his career. Before Tinga went solo in 1973 and immediately scored a second hit "Funny Feeling" for producer Lloyd Campbell, he was lead vocalist for the Wildcats, the Boris Gardiner Band and also teamed with the likes of Fab Five and Byron Lee and the Dragonaires. He enjoyed further success with the 1974 winning Festival song, "Play de Music". And in the year 1981 he walked away with a winning song "No Weh Nuh Betta Dan Yard". In 1987 Tinga had a smashed hit "Aware of Love" produced by King Jammys, later in 1988 Tinga collaborated with reggae dancehall DJ Ninjaman and topped the charts with hits "Take Time To Know Her" and "Cover Me". In 1994, Tinga topped the charts again with a Willie Lindo penned and produced song entitled "Inside My Heart". In 2000 he reunited with veteran producer Willie Lindo and released the solid album "Unforgettable". Now Tinga is back with a brand new album entitled "Ready To Groove", which is the result of his collaboration with producers Lloyd Campbell of Joe Frasier records, Willie Lindo and Michael "Finga" Stewart (his son who has the "Mixing Finga" label and who is also the engineer for Capleton). Tinga's distinctive vocal delivery shines bright on this 15 tracks album, that furthermore treats the listener to refurnished classic riddims such as "Get Myself Together" ("Thank You Jah"), "Soul & Inspiration" ("You Let Me Down"), "Peanut Vendor" ("Dream Of Me"), "Ali Baba" ("World Power") and "Dirty Harry" ("Under Attack"), as well as some well laid original backdrops. "Ready To Groove" contains a solid mix of lovers rock tracks and conscious message tunes, which shows that he's equally at home with both genres. Social commentary on current world affairs can be heard in tunes like the excellent "World Power", "Under Attack and "Richest Continent", while matters of the heart are expressed through great songs like "Loves On The Seen", "You Let Me Down", "Dream Of Me", "Poor Side Of Town" and "Story Never Ends".
"Ready To Groove" features a very fine collection of tunes, truly worth of hearing!

Teacher & Mr. T.

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