Album review
26 - 09 - 1998

Tracking list

  1. Beggar In A Goldmine
  2. Dis Dem A Dis
  3. Burden And Time
  4. Press Along
  5. Smoke
  6. Which Rebel
  7. Next To You
  8. Unite
  9. Sunshine
  10. The World Is What It Is
  11. Sign O' The Times
  12. All Roads
  13. Praises To The King
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 4

The US based group Boom-Shaka consists of Trevy Felix, Ray Felix, Wadi Daniel, Binghi and Lesterfari. For this album they brought in the following additional musicians : reggae veteran and longtime Wackie's musician, Fabian Cooke, Iauwata, and Michael Hyde. David, Danny & Al on horns. Fabian Cooke and Boom-Shake produced the album, that was recorded at Go-Go, Jim Sound and Talawah studios.
Boom-Shaka definitely have managed to put out a very professional sounding album, remniscent to the sound of Steel Pulse and Third World. Except for the exceptionally swinging Smoke and the bubbling Sunshine (Knocking At My Door) the album offers 100% cultural tunes with titles like Burden & Time, Which Rebel, Unite, The World Is What It Is , and Praises To The King.
Songs of substance like Beggar In A Goldmine, Dis Dem A Dis, All Roads, and Praises To The King are amongst the highlights of the album and on Burden & Time, Smoke and Unite harmonies have seldom sounded sweeter and smoother.
. With Rebellion! Boom-Shaka has delivered an impressive set. It's a band to watch out for in the future!

Teacher & Mr. T