Album review
Rebel Souls
Dawna Lee
MCS Records

Tracking list

  1. Political
  2. What Goes Around
  3. Give Back featuring Prince Live I Jah
  4. Rebel Souls
  5. A Black Thing
  6. You Don't Care
  7. Angel
  8. Crack
  9. Handle It
  10. Be Alone
  11. Mankind
  12. Don't Leave
  13. Turn Back Time
  14. Can't Get Wi Out
  15. Actions
  16. Channel It
  17. What's Wrong featuring Prince Live I Jah
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : -

Throughout the nineties the UK (roots) reggae scene has witnessed the rise of such fine female singers like Sylvia Tella, Lorna Asher, and also Dawna Lee. The latter established her name as one of UK's foremost female singers with the release of her stunning debut set entitled "Love", which was unleashed by South London based MCS Records in the summer of 1998. Dawna Lee is an exceptional and versatile musical talent. Besides the fact that she posesses a great voice, she also writes and arranges most of her own material and even plays instruments like drums, keyboards, guitar and trumpet.
February 2001 sees the release of "Rebel Souls", a great second album from Dawna Lee which, like its predecessor, is expertly produced by MCS' Mykey Simpson. This brand new album marks a natural progression from the debut album "Love" as Dawna Lee delivers a more balanced effort.
Dawna Lee delivers 18 well varied tracks with every single effort being vocally outstanding and lyrically interesting. Her marvelous vocal technique and feeling enables her to capture the perfect tone for a tune. Vocally she proves that she not only shines in a great powerful and expressive tune, as she can also deliver a more modest vocal performance on a high quality level. The lyrical content of her songs is diverse, ranging from reality to matters of the heart, and always thoughtful. Dawna Lee fully showcases her talent and skill to write lyrics that keeps one involved till the very end. Every tune on "Rebel Souls" is well worth spinning, no weak tune to be found. It's hard to point out the standouts within an album which is stamped with class all over, so we will stick to the most impressive efforts. These include the opening track "Political", "What Goes Around", delivered over a wicked new version of Dennis Brown's classic "Created By The Father" riddim, the awesome title track "Rebel Souls", the profound "A Black Thing", the appealing "Angel", "Handle It" reviving the riddim from the Burning Spear tune "Travelling", and "Action", which actually utilizes a reworking of Jah Maliís "21st Century" riddim. Striking efforts are also the acoustic tracks "Donít Leave" and "Turn Back Time", which both fully reflect Dawna Lee's undisputable skill and talents.
Dawna Lee is definitely an artiste of great potential, and with such huge musical talent at her disposal, she'll keep the fans of contemporary British reggae music hooked up for years to come.

Teacher & Mr. T.