Rebel Rock
Third World All Stars
Pressure Sounds
March 12, 2013

Rebel Rock - Third World All Stars Track list
  1. Rebel Rock
  2. Repatriation Remedy
  3. Our Dream World
  4. Patricia's Love
  5. Soothing In The Mind
  6. Back Moon
  7. For All Ways
  8. Just For You
  9. Train To Skaville
  10. Moog In Blues
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : - Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
The vaults keep opening and the treasures keep coming. Pressure Sounds has the knack of reissuing some of the greatest long lost goodies from The Golden Age. They recently reissued the classic instrumental album "Rebel Rock" from the mid 1970's, initially released on the Third World label. What a joy to hear it again!

A little history on the formation of this album... Count Shelley (Ephraim Barrett) came to the U.K. from JA in the early 1960's and quickly made a name for himself with his sound system operation. Before long, he was resident DJ at the famous Four Aces Club in London. This club had memorable nites with the likes of visiting legends like I Roy, Pat Kelly and Ken Boothe. Thus, he had a great connection with visiting artists and musicians courtesy of his good friend producer Bunny Lee. At this time, the newly formed Third World label was owned and operated by the great engineer/arranger/producer Sid Bucknor. Overwhelmed with his own work, Sid handed the reins over to The Count and he released some classic albums from the likes of U Roy, Cornell Campbell, Johnny Clarke, Dillinger and Jackie Mittoo ("Hot Blood" and "In Cold Blood"). Amidst these releases came "Rebel Rock". Note: Count Shelley moved to New York at the end of the 1970's to form Super Power Records and operated until 2008. Now living back in JA, he shows no signs of slowing; operating a restaurant at 81 years young.

"Rebel Rock" is an instrumental album that features the cream of the crop of visiting musicians and the cream of the U.K's "riddim men". The riddims were mostly derived from Errol Dunkley's 1974 classic "Sit & Cry Over You", released by Count Shelley and featuring Gladdy & The All Stars. Sid Bucknor produced, arranged and engineered "Rebel Rock" at Chalk Farm and Berry Street Studio (London). Instrumentation was provided by the BEST. Rico Rodriquez (trombone), Michael "Bammie" Rose (sax), Eddie "Tan Tan" Thorton (trumpet), Lester "Skatalite" Sterling (alto sax), Tyrone Downie (keys) and Ronnie "Bop" Williams (guitar). So, it's a marriage of these sessioneers and Gladdy's crew; you might here some Jackie Jackson (bass) and Winston Grennan (drums) to name a few.

The title track is the riddim from Gene Rondo's "Rebel Woman". It is a jazzy skanker that features some great piano work and Bammie's work is exceptional. Repatriation Remedy is Errol Dunkley's "Repatriation". It's interpretation is joyous and triumphant. Trumpet and trombone are in the forefront here, riding a slick musical backbone. Our Dream World is pure ites. Tyrone Downie handles the ivories to perfection alongside the rich horn section and slick work from Ronnie "Bop". Patricia's World is dynamite; injected with a jazz injection and all players with cards on the table. Soothing In The Mind boasts a big band sound with Rico taking over and showing why he is still in high demand in 2013.

Black Moon is derived from Ginger Williams's "There Is Something In My Heart"; which sold thousands of copies in the U.K. The instrumental is easy snappin'. It showcases a sensual sax from presumably Bammie and Tyrone's piano work takes on a crucial free form style that works. For All Ways is a rocking and swinging piece that features the Moog synthesizer (that had been made famous a few years earlier by The Vulcans on the Trojan label). Mr. Downie handles this eerie instrument and doesn't hold back. The link between this and the hornsmen is amazing stuff. Just For You is a faster paced skanker that is pleasing thru and thru. Train To Skaville takes you on board with Tan Tan's trumpet and all around free flowing jazz tinge. Moog In Blues features some great guitar work and can be regarded as a great period piece to sum up the calibre of what these musicians were doing in the 1970's.

"Rebel Rock" is a necessary addition for your collection if you're a fan of undiluted and carbonated riddim. Sid Bucknor didn't need to add special effects or gimmicks to make this album shine. He allowed the music to speak for itself and indeed it does. The horn section went on to spice up Aswad and other bands and Rico is still at the top; headlining the 2013 International Ska Festival. Mr. Downie is thriving and to those that have passed on to Zion, this album is a reminder of how great Reggae musicians really are; all the way to the FOUNDATION. Go deh!!!!!!!