Reggae Land
BB Seaton
Soul Beat UK
July 23, 2006

Track list
Disc 1

  1. Voice Of The People
  2. Never Woulda Been Like This
  3. Noh Badda Wid It
  4. Right Now
  5. Caan Get Wi Out
  6. Reggae Land
  7. Love Life
  8. Jet Black
  9. Taking Her Own Life
  10. Cardboard City
  11. Streets Of London
  12. You're My Pilot
  13. Everybody Rocking
  14. Scapegoat
Disc 2

  1. (Intro) Dub Land
  2. The People's Dub
  3. Reggae Brew
  4. Dub Wid It
  5. Dub Now
  6. Caan Get Wi Dub
  7. Dub Of Life
  8. Black Dub
  9. Dub Of Life
  10. Dub City
  11. Dubbing Inna London
  12. Dub Pilot
  13. Everybody Dubbing
  14. Scapegoat Dub
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 3/4 Production : 3/4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 2
61 year old Harris Lloyd Seaton or B.B Seaton as he's known among reggae followers, started singing and writing songs from his high school days at Cornwall College in Jamaica and grew up listening to US vocal groups like the Platters, the Drifters, the Temptations and the Four Tops, to name but a few. BB Seaton recorded his first song "Only You" in 1959 and had his first big hit when teaming up with Delano Stewart and Maurice Roberts to form the Gaylads. They recorded the hit single "Lady With The Red Dress" for Clement 'Coxsone' Dodd's legendary Studio One label in 1967, which kick-started a series of hits. After ten years of working with companies in Jamaica like Studio One, Tip Top Records, Beverley's Records and Treasure Isle as either A & R, producer, writer, musician and backing vocalist, B.B. Seaton decided to go solo. Since then he has released a notable amount of hit tunes and some twelve full length albums. Needless to say that London based BB Seaton is one of the greatest singers, songwriters and producers to come out of Jamaica.

The dbl album "Reggae Land" is BB Seaton's latest release, featuring 14 brand new vocal tracks on disc one and their dub versions on disc two. On the vocal side of things the listener is treated to powerful lyrics presented with the soulful delivery which has been the trademark of one of the true legends of rocksteady and reggae. Apart from a superfluous tune like "Everybody Rocking" -- belonging to the "reggae music can't refuse it" type of songs which nowadays a growing number of reggae artists are including on their albums -- and a worthy conscious lovers tune such as "Love Life" on a classic Studio One riddim, BB Seaton has mainly focused on delivering message and reality tunes with meaningful lyrical content. Prime examples are the moving "Taking Her Own Life", the haunting "Cardboard City" and the excellent "Never Woulda Been Like This", performed over a crisp and clear do-over of the Paragons' "Danger In Your Eyes" riddim. Other highlights are "Right Now", "Caan Get Wi Out", "Streets Of London" and "You're My Pilot".

The dub versions on disc two are a nice addition to the vocal part, but won't cause any real excitement among the true dubheads.