Exalt H.I.M.
Roots Gwaan
Conscious Riddims
June 27, 2013

Exalt H.I.M. - Roots Gwaan Track list
  1. Zion Gates feat. Ryan I
  2. Chant!
  3. Crazy feat. Fyah Red Beard
  4. Babylon feat. Ryan I and H.I.M
  5. Exalted feat. Ryan I
  6. War feat. H.I.M
  7. Laws Of Jah
  8. Utterance Of H.I.M
  9. Solution
  10. Ganja Trip feat. Ras Biblical
  11. Mama's Table
  12. Slew The Beast feat. True Love
  13. Hail Rastafari feat. Ryan I & Fyah Red Beard
  14. Good Trees
  15. More Weed feat. Ryan I, Ras Jim and Dre Z
  16. Mama Mega I
  17. Crucified
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
There's a right time for all things. Now is the time and watered down version just won't do! The Big Island of Hawaii has been quietly delivering Jah goods for some time now. Artists like Ho'Aikane and Butch Helemano have been releasing quality Reggae music for decades now. Now, deep Roots artists like Marty Dread and Roots Gwaan are keeping Jah fya burning bright. Roots Gwaan's third album, "Exalt H.I.M", is a mature, deeply Rootical affair that will evoke ites inna your Heart and Soul.

Roots Gwaan (Logan Sisley) is an "underground" Roots artist whose quietly but firmly been putting out some serious musical slices since the early 2000's. Living and creating on "His Imperial Majesty's Farm" in Kona, Hawaii; his life is that of a true Rastaman. His first effort, "Better Way-Rastafari", is a wicked compilation of works from 2005-11 with contributions from such talent as Andrew "Bassie" Campbell (wicked bassie) and California's Ras Biblical and True Love. His second set, "Sons Of The King", is a stellar set w/Native Fya's Dre Z. He comes back again with this new deep, deep album...

Zion Gates is an engaging opener inna pure chanting style. The tight riddim (provided by Ryan I throughout) is peppered with clever strings and cello arrangement. Roots Gwaan uses this platform wisely with thoughtfulness and lyrics galore. Chant! is a serious slice with Mr. Sisley heartically chanting ises to The Most High. Crazy is a well constructed bubbler featuring Fyah Red Beard, whose rapid fya delivery is worth applauding. Babylon boasts a boomshot riddim with smart rapping from Ryan I. Roots Gwaan is a conscious man and that exudes into his unique delivery and content. The intellect continues with Exalted. It is reminiscent of Midnite (Virgin Islands Roots crusaders) but it's totally original and believable. This meditation is accentuated by Andy Rising's killer cello work - great harmonies and ambience. War and Laws Of Jah see Roots Gwaan delivering hard with catchy hooks and no apology. Utterance Of H.I.M is truly unique. A superior acoustic riddim underlines Haile Selassie's speech to the U.N. - pure ites.

Solution delivers again in a Midnite approach and it works well. The chanter makes us think of an answer to the state of today's trodden Creation. Ganja Trip with Ras Biblical is a good trip. Telling us wisely about the green bounty of Northern California's Emerald Triangle (yes, it's fe real!) and the overall benefits; this song is fresh and livened up by Ras Biblical (who has a few muscular albums of his own) - sound system ready! Mama's Table is an absolute gem. Roots Gwaan lives as he chants ("Ital is Vital") and he tells us of the virtues of living from the land over a murdering riddim. Legendary Dub poet Mutabaruka (where have you been?) opens up Slew The Beast with True Love. This is a Dancehall track fe sure and is good but seems out of place amongst these giant spiritual designs. It does show that Roots Gwaan is well versatile. Hail Rastafari returns to Royal order with Fyah Red Beard and Ryan I injecting some serious crucial vibes. Well tight! More Weed is a blessed Ganja anthem that is infectious in design and originality - "Like the true Ganja Don. like Alborosie... like the true Ganja Don, like Rocker T". Great keyboard here! Mama Mega I is of the highest spiritual order and evokes memories of Midnite's "Seek Knowledge Before Vengeance" classic. The closer, Crucified is what Roots Gwaan is truly capable of. An acoustic and humble ode to a pivotal moment in history and Roots Gwaan just nails it with Heart and Soul.

Roots Gwaan's "Exalt H.I.M" is an exciting set from a humble Rastaman whose now ready for the world. This sound system operator and record shop owner is very ambitious (recently worked with Perfect Giddimani) and he has an Ital sound that needs to be heard. It's natural to say that he'll continue in this Royal vein and continue to flourish in Jah sight. Seek this album out and the aforementioned and you won't be disappointed. No dibbi-dibbi sound here; just quality Roots Rasta Musik. Seek and you will find. Go deh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!