Sons Of The King
Dre Z & Roots Gwaan
Conscious Riddims
CD / Digital Release
August 19, 2013

Track list
  1. Livin In This Time
  2. King In Motion
  3. Angels
  4. Naturally feat. Marty Dread
  5. Mystery Light
  6. Chalice Champion
  7. Herbs Reveal
  8. Island Mystic
  9. Find A Way
  10. Jah Gave Us Life
  11. Stars Over Oceans
  12. Chant Peace (Bonus)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
When a Roots artist releases an impressive debut set; the massive always takes a closer look for consistency and durability. This is certainly the case with Hawaii's Roots Gwaan! His debut, "Betta Way-Rastafari" made a big impact and this true Rastaman has matured mightily ever since. His brand new effort, "Sons Of The King", is as solid as it gets and a true representation of the forward direction of JAHwaiin Roots Reggae Musik.

Roots Gwaan has been putting out King's Musik of the highest order from his gates in Kona, Hawaii since the early part of the new millennium. His debut and the heartical, "Exalt H.I.M", proves a strong future for this rising talent. This chanter, farmer, record shop/label owner and Sound System operator has worked with the likes of Andrew "Bassie" Campbell, Perfect Giddimani, Ras Biblical and now with highly respected Dre Z; whose touch has blessed numerous Jah works. Dre Z (Andres Estrada) provides ites instrumentation and masterful production. This set was recorded at Conscious Riddims (Kona) and mixed at Dre Z's Native Fya Studio (New Mexico).

Livin In This Time opens up this musical gift and will instantly draw you in with Roots Gwaan's hypnotizing chanting. There's nuances of Midnite's approach here but it's all his Iriginal style and fashion. The riddim is sprinkled nicely with taut drums, piano and rugged guitar licks. King In Motion is a righteous ode to The Most High. On top of a natural progression, Mr. Sisley shows his diversity and experience, fe real. He is a Rastaman in every sense and the song is a heartical meditation with strong ideology. Strong songwriting! Angels is THE standout selection here. Clever string arrangements and killer piano riffs are the platform for this supremely spiritual structure. Biblical style with excellent musician manship and production from Dre Z(big up). Perhaps his best song to date!

Naturally, featuring the talented Marty Dread is a joyful and uplifting track about the virtues of true Love and devotion to your Empress. Pure enjoyment from artist to listener on this yah one. Mystery Light is a boomshot; Roots Gwaan is a powerful chanter and he doesn't hold back here with clear thought and observation. Great drums, guitar and percussion are predominant. Ganja anthems are a mainstay on his albums and they are abundant here (thankfully). Chalice Champion is ripe for the picking. He chants with conviction over a rock solid riddim with subtle mixing and intoxicating lyrics. On par with Alborosie's now classic songs of the same vein. Herbs Reveal has a homegrown feel and demonstrates the versatility that Roots Gwaan has now mastered. A real message of the benefits of the proper use of the perfume of Mt. Zion over a superbly arranged riddim with Midnitesque qualities.

Island Mystic is a seriously progressive work. He rides a muscular riddim with the demeanor of a true veteran about his experiences and reasonings on His Imperial Majesty's Farm (his headquarters). True meditation with massive appeal. Find A Way shows how well rounded this artist really is. No filler or artificial lyrics here; just Word, Sound & Power inna musical shower. Once again, Dre Z provides a skilful musical foundation that's rich and robust. Jah Gave Us Life is an instant classic! Over a semi-acoustic landscape, Roots Gwaan takes us back to ancient days with humbleness and the result is soothing to Heart and Soul. Another absolute stunner is Stars Over Oceans; a Lovers track that boasts wide vocal range that's thoroughly enjoyable. This song is right up there with the best of recent Lover's Rock (inna Island style). Potent lyrically and musically; it deserves instant rewind! The final gift is Chant Peace, a flawless tour-de-force that has an impeccable riddim with killer piano/bass/drum/guitar - just everything is in the right place. Lyrics like, "clean up the mess Babylon create and start all over". Great ambience of hope and inspiration - yes, indeed!

Roots Gwaan and Dre Z really deliver on "Sons Of The King". A top ranking and Iriginal blueprint of how our beloved King's Musik is being manifested into Real Authentic Sound that is REGGAE MUSIC. Trends come and go but conscious people want a message of thoughtfulness, reality and upliftment right now. This is what Roots Gwaan provides in his music. This is message music and that's a fact. In fact, Roots Gwaan is slated to perform in the Pacific Northwest soon, so do not miss out. Bottom line is that even if you've never heard of him; "Sons Of The King" will nourish your Heart and Soul. Highest recommendation. Go deh!!!