Mind Of A Rebel
Rass Motivated
Treehouse Music
CD / Digital release
June 12, 2016

Track list
  1. Lead Us
  2. Point Of You
  3. Vegetable Wasted
  4. No Rehearsal
  5. No Escape feat. Junior Kenna
  6. Jamaica
  7. A Million Roses
  8. Selfish Altruist
  9. Forever Free
  10. System Speech
  11. WAR
  12. Bam Bam Killah
  13. Serve & Protect feat. Rapha Pico
  14. Mind Of A Rebel
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Total votes : 5
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
Despite being one of the finalists of the Benelux Reggae Contest 2013 and then having released a debut album called "Who Am I" in the same year, homegrown talent from the Netherlands who goes by the tuneful name of Rass Motivated didn't manage to gain wide recognition. But that might change soon with the release of his second album entitled "Mind Of A Rebel". For those who have never heard of Rass Motivated and now are going to check him, this young reggae artist will come to them like a bolt out of the blue, yet so naturally as if they had been waiting for him.

With "Mind Of A Rebel" Rass Motivated delivers a 14-track roots reggae album that is based on his believes that "a rebel is not a rebel out of spite, but out of love for his fellow man and community". Things get started with the compelling "Lead Us". What an opener! This superb tune immediately grabs your attention and delivers slightly less than a punch. BOOOMMM! Next comes the single "Point Of You", a song with clever conscious lyrics that vocally somehow reminds us of Morgan Heritage (and that's a compliment). An instant earworm fi sure!!! It's followed by "Vegetable Wasted", the third strong effort of the album's opening lot. And even though it's a serious message tune, this one immediately propels you to the dance floor and then keeps you there. Totally different vibes, but really fascinating is "No Rehearsal". Musically as well as lyrically this song across a beautiful revitalized version of Jackie Mittoo's classic "Drum Song" riddim is a stunning effort. Still thinking about this track in terms of a winner, while it could have been a killer if the small dub workout at the end would have been extended.

Time to take a deep breath after all the excitement caused by these four tunes and then wondering whether the rest of the tracks are as good or even better (is that possible?!) than those we've heard so far. Not every track that comes next is a winner (and to be honest it's not fair to expect that from an artist's second album). What counts is the fact that the lion's share of the remaining efforts maintain the quality of the opening lot throughout. In particular "Forever Free", the powerful "WAR" and the tremendous collaboration with Rapha Pico (winner of the Benelux Reggae Contest 2014) entitled "Serve & Protect" are a real treat for the ears. And then there are also solid tunes like "Jamaica" and the lovers lament "A Million Roses" that make good impressions. Rounding out this album, which features great production and players of instruments as well, is the remarkable title track "Mind Of A Rebel".

Invest some listening time in Rass Motivated's sophomore album and you'll be impressed by the young artist's maturity. Furthermore you'll find out that it's a sonically pleasing set. Without any doubt a major talent that needs to be heard on the four corners of the world.