Album review
Jet Star Reggae Max : Mikey Spice
Mikey Spice
Jet Star

Tracking list

  1. Practice what you preach
  2. Hold on
  3. I need more
  4. Where love go
  5. So much things
  6. You make me feel
  7. Close the door
  8. Stand tall
  9. It's all about time
  10. Born again
  11. Am I losing you
  12. Body's calling
  13. Tell me why
  14. Loving in your eyes
  15. We're all in this love together
  16. What the world needs now
  17. Chant down Babylon
  18. Shower me
  19. When you're around
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3/4

In about two years Mikey Spice has been putting out albums and singles so fast, that there is enough material to fill a 20 track compilation album of one of the most soothing voices in reggae music today. Mikey Spice was all but unknown when Ocho Rios based producer Barry O'Hare gave him the chance to show his skills and talent as a recording artist. Since his first releases in 1995 (the debut album "Happiness" and his first U.K. no. 1 hit, a cover of Barry White's "Practice what you preach") Mikey Spice has established himself a name as one of Jamaica's most prolific and original vocal talents. Mikey Spice is equally at home with love songs and roots tunes, although it seems like he's mainly known and "loved" for the first category. This solid compilation collects some of his earliest work (unusual description for an artist who had his breakthrough some two years ago !) up to more recent songs, recorded for producers like the aforementioned Barry O'Hare, Bobby "Digital" Dixon, Freddie McGregor, Firehouse Crew and Roy Francis. Not every track is a killer but there's enough to enjoy. For those who don't know this singer...a "nice price" introduction.

Teacher & Mr. T.