Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus
Grounation / Vulcan / Greensleeves
March, 1976

Track list
  1. None A Jah Jah Children
  2. Birds In The Treetop
  3. Truth & Right
  4. On Broadway
  5. Glory Dawn
  6. Mr. Brown
  7. Sufferation
  8. It Is No Secret
  9. Give Love
Enveloped by a most attractive sleeve (the picture is of Haile Sellassie as a child by the way), this second LP release from author of "Nyah-binghi" is better, more professional entertainment than the first, and is spiritually just as convincing. The Trojan LP was merely an example of the chanting, drum beating music that is traditionally associated with rasta communes. This is electric reggae born of spiritual inspiration and concept from Ras M aided by musicians of skill, experience, and inspiration, including Peter "Wailer" Tosh, and Geoffrey Chung. Recorded at Dynamic studios, an unbeatable recording house, and produced by Tommy Cowen who is coming into his own quickly on that indefinable level of musical creativity.

A stimulating album for the rich effortless textures of music woven by rhythm experts, moody musicians.An album pervaded by a wholesome, spiritual feeling, a feeling of togetherness led by singer Ras Michael. His voice isn`t likely to become a model of influence and inspiration but it serves its purpose well.

"On Broadway" (changed from "In Zion" on the JA copy) is the Drifters` song with new lyrics. It`s the most complete number, a flowing refreshing sound where horns, lead guitar, and synthesiser paint beautiful layers of melodic music, and Tosh`s inimitable wah wah guitar appears mysteriously near the closure of the tune. "Glory Dawn" and "It Is No Secret" are hymn-like numbers while "Birds In The Treetop" borrows from a traditional JA folk song, "Mr Brown" is ironic and witty ("how could a black man name Mr Brown..."), while "Truth And Right" and "Sufferation" are close in theme and texture to "None A Jah Jah Children".

A very good album from an artist rising in esteem and popularity.