Robin Hood
Barrington Levy
September 13, 2007

Barrington Levy - Robin Hood Track list
  1. Robin Hood
  2. Rock And Come In
  3. Love Sister Carol
  4. Gonna Tell Your Girlfriend
  5. You Come To Ask Me What Is Love
  6. Why Did You Leave Me
  7. Many Changes In Life
  8. Nah Broke No Fight Over No Woman
  9. When Friday Comes
  10. Like How You Kiss And Caress Me
  11. Mary Long Tongue
  12. Crucifixion
  13. Eventide Fire A Disaster feat. General Echo
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4/5
When ace producer Henry Junjo Lawes discovered Barrington levy singing on a local sound-system he wasted no time in taking him to Channel One for the first of many hit singles in 1979. The combination of the new singer and the top producer caused a sensation right from the start, ushering in the dancehall phase at the same time. Those early singles "A Yah We Deh", "Shine Eye Gal" and "Moonlight Lover" were later collected on his debut album "Bounty Hunter", which appeared on the Jah Life label in the States.

The follow-up "Englishman" on Greensleeves established Barrington as the reggae star of the early '80's, spawning hit singles with "Sister Carol", "Look Youthman", "Eventide Fire A Disaster" and "Mary Long Tongue". Again Junjo was the producer, and the third album "Robin Hood" only served to maintain his already rocketing reputation.

He still records and tours to this day, particularly in the UK and US. He has a massive worldwide fan base helped by constantly touring and having some of his biggest hits - including 'Here I Come' and 'Under Mi Sensi' - sampled over the years by Hip Hop, Jungle and Dance artists, earning him a new generation of fans. Shaggy recently sampled and adapted a Barrington Levy tune on his last album for a track called 'Broadway'.

Greensleeves puts out a more than welcome reissue of the classic "Robin Hood" set, originally released in 1980. As well as the original remastered 10 tracks, there are 3 additional 12" versions, which are now available on CD for the very first time. First there's one of Barrington's masterpieces Mary Long Tongue, with an unknown deejay - sounds like Big Joe?? -, and on Eventide Fire A Disaster he gets some help from the late great General Echo.

I still remember when I heard When Friday Comes for the first time. It blew me away, that song with a superb arrangement and heartfelt lyrics... awesome tune! Robin Hood is another impressive tune, lyrically and musically one of Barrington's best outings. Why Did You Leave Me is a song full of emotion, across a wicked riddim.

Recorded at Channel One & King Tubbys studios, produced by Henry Junjo Lawes and mixed by Scientist. Musicians were the Roots Radics, horns by Headly Bennet, Val Bennett and Bobby Ellis.

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