Rockers Time Now
Johnny Clarke
September, 1976

Track list
  1. Rockers Time Now
  2. Ites Green And Gold
  3. African Roots
  4. Be Holy, My Brothers And Sisters
  5. Satta Massagna
  6. Stop The Tribal War
  7. Declaration Of Rights
  8. Lets Give Jah, Jah Praise
  9. I Wish It Could Go On Forever
  10. Bnatty Dreadlocks Stand Up Rip
  11. Prophecy A-Fullfilled
  12. Them Never Love Poor Marcus
As a 45 this version of the Abbyssinians` song "Declaration Of Rights" was one of his best discs ever and his best since "Move Out Of Babylon", a year and a half ago. That`s a long time. He`d not been idle but his material, in the main, was difficult to listen to, to put it mildly. This Bunny Lee produced album is his best ever. The material is consistently good, the under production suits Johnny, and his singing is as natural as it has ever been. A combination of the right songs. Righteous themes like "African Roots", "Be Holy", "Sattamassagana", Stop The Tribal War", the beautiful "Let`s Give Jah Jah Praise", and the irresistible "Prophecy A Fulfil" whose bouncing rock steady bass is perpetual pleasure as Johnny`s vocals glides over the effortless rydim like a surfer on the sea. Except for the graceful romantic love song, "I Wish It Could Go On Forever", the songs relate spiritual and cultural feelings. "I was born and raised in the ghetto with the blood of African roots. . ." sings Clarke. He speaks for many.