Rolling Steady
The Skatalites
Motion Records
September 12, 2007

Track list
  1. We Nah Sleep
  2. Contention
  3. Big Trombone
  4. Away From Home
  5. Idler's Rest
  6. Rolling Steady
  7. Devil's Triangle
  8. The Master's Call
  9. Absent Without Leave
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Vocals : - Backing : 5 Production : 3 Sound quality : 3 Sleeve : 3
Motion are back , with a storming drum and bass selection, jazz/dub wise from the Skatalites -- and what a pleasure the record is -- it fuses classic ska double bass lines, with almost Coltrane-esque meditative horns lines and Puerto Rican/Cuban style arrangements, with percussion and Latino melodies to the fore.

Imagine a mix up between early rude boy rock, Ernest Ranglin and "A Love Supreme"/"The Creator has a Master Plan" -- and you'll feel where the record is headed.

A number of the drum and bass and horns arrangements also sound very reminiscent of the Headley Bennet/George Oban/Lizard Logan/Crucial Tony compositions on "Environmental Studies", so if that is your thing, check it out. In particular, "Away From Home" is very similar to African Head Charge's "Snakeskin Tracksuit".

So what's the background on the record? Motion explain that these tracks were recorded at JA based Music Mountain, and have never been released before. The band laid down the rhythms -- but, apparently, fell out and went their separate ways before the vinyl was released.

So -- with Lloyd Brevett on acoustic bass, the meditative trio of Alphonso, Mcook, and Sterling on sax and Johnny Moore on trumpet -- these often deeply reflective lost compositions act as a testament to one of the tightest, hardest outfits in reggae/ska/jazz.