Roots Man Dub
G.G.'s Allstars
June 28, 2007

Track list
  1. Black Star Dub
  2. Roots Man Dub
  3. Runaway Dub
  4. Iron Gate
  5. Rockers Dub
  6. Dub on the Track
  7. Macabak Rock
  8. Ital Collie
  9. Herb Man Skank
  10. Heartical Dub
  11. Let Dub Abide
  12. Loving Dub
  13. Over Africa
  14. Dub Again Rasta
  15. Mad Dub
  1. Let Me Dub
  2. Midnight Dub
  3. Don't Worry Dub
  4. Rock My Dub
  5. Get You Dubbing
  6. Tell Me the Dub
  7. See Me Dub
  8. No Yo Yo Dub
  9. You Want a Dub
  10. A Warning Dub
  11. Run Come Dub
  12. Each Day Dub
  13. Soulful Dub
  14. Stand By Dub
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Total votes : 8
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : - Backing : 5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4
Dub is an uniquely Jamaican invention where the song is stripped down, manipulated, and reborn in a mostly mind-blowing melange of sounds. The late Osbourne Ruddock aka King Tubby is widely regarded as the brilliant dub inventor and king of dub, responsible for mixing some of the best and finest dub outings in his four-track studio at Drommilly Avenue, Kingston JA. However Tubbs was not the only one who put dub on the map because at the same time another equally brilliant engineer, Errol "ET" Thompson, was experimenting on the four-track board at Randy's studio, mixing versions for producer Joe Gibbs. Then there was Lee 'Scratch' Perry whose unique style made a solid impression. More famous dub engineers were Prince Jammy, Scientist and The Mad Professor.

Producer Alvin 'GG' Ranglin demonstrated his interest in dub with the release of two dub albums around 1978. First there was "Three Dreads From Zion", followed by "Roots Man Dub". In 1994 the Jamaican Gold label released a fine dub cd with dub versions of Alvin ranglin productions, the bulk of them being dubs to the hits of Gregory Isaacs.
This current Heartbeat release (double cd) is centered around the "Roots Man Dub" album, originally released on GG's Records Hit label. The set is enhanced by Alvin Ranglin-produced dub sides from the Maytones, the Starlights, and Al Brown, plus an entire album of previously unreleased dub selections. The tracks were recorded at Channel One and GG's Recording Studio in Kingston, Jamaica.

The title track is a dub to Ronnie Davis cover of "Fever", while Lone Ranger's massive hit "Barnabas Collins" is presented here in glorious dub entitled "Macabak Rock". The dub to Bim Sherman's quality tune "Mighty Ruler" is included here too namely "Iron Gate", the original riddim being "Tripe Girl" by the Heptones. The Maytones enjoyed chart success with their tune "Madness", listen to the wicked dub of this song called "Mad Dub". From 1982 comes "No Yo Yo Dub", which is the dub to Sister Nancy's "Telephone Chalice", originally released on the Volcano label. The classic "Heavenless" riddim is used for "Rock My Dub" and includes vocal snippets by George Faith, a vocalist who recorded some fine tunes for Alvin Ranglin. Bob Andy's classic "Unchained" riddim can be heard on "Let Me Dub" and features vocal snippets from Leroy 'The Don' Smart and George Faith.

Well... nuff said. Highly enjoyable and recommended!