Album review
Roots Experience
Panache Culture

Tracking list

  1. Je Ne T'Oublierai Jamais featuring Tita
  2. Pas De Détail featuring Anthony B
  3. Complètement Rasta
  4. Reaction featuring Tita
  5. Le Discours
  6. Rocka-Shaka featuring Hammed B
  7. Jacqueline
  8. Sous Les Etoiles Ina Jungle
  9. My Brothers
  10. Roots Experience
  11. Long Time
  12. Intro Pax
  13. Pax America featuring Prezident Brown
  14. Got The Time
  15. La Joie Et L'Ennui
  16. Je Ne T'Oublierai Jamais "Originale" featuring Tita
  17. Sous Les Etoiles "Originale"
  18. Leilila
  19. Interlude D'Amour
  20. Ils Mentent featuring Yassin B
  21. Wallida featuring Md. Tazi Zohra
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5

It has taken Panache Culture some six years before they finally could say that the time had come to deliver their brand new album "Roots Experience", the follow-up to the critical acclaimed second album "Travel In A Dream". In these six years the group went through several changes. The line-up of the group changed completely as several founding members left and thus presently consists of the four brothers Hamra. Furthermore the group widened their musical direction and also started to perform tunes in French (next to their first language Moroccan, the language they master best as all the members grew up in a part of Belgium where people mainly speak French), however without pushing aside the writing and performance of songs in English. One thing didn't change... the heartbeat of their music, which is the ever appearing reggae rhythm mostly flavoured with influences as diverse as Oriental, R&B, Rai, Rap, Pop and Drum&Bass.
"Roots Experience" fully showcases the development of Panache Culture in every aspect. They obviously have learned a lot from such renown producers/engineers like Barry O'Hare and the Mad Professor, the latter being responsible for the mix of their first two albums. But also their work with Jamaican artists like Prezident Brown, Anthony B, Mikey Spice, Determine and Daweh Congo - in the studio as well as on stage - was instrumental for their musical development. Featuring five tunes in English, this mainly French oriented delivery is a well varied album with many enjoyable and entertaining pieces. Best tracks are the album opener (also released on CD single) "Je Ne T'Oublierai Jamais", the combination tune "Pas De Détail", which features one of Jamaica's topnotch cultural artists Anthony B, the R&B flavored "Le Discours", "Sous Les Etoiles Ina Jungle", "Got The Time" and the combination with Prezident Brown, "Pax America".

Teacher & Mr. T.