BamJimba Productions
June 27, 2006

Track list
  1. The Dedication feat. Urban Voice Choir
  2. The Guide feat. El Fata
  3. Wake Up (Dancehall Remix) feat. El Fata
  4. Down To The River feat. Urban Voice Choir And El Fata
  5. The Bounce feat. El Fata
  6. Ever Lovin Jah feat. El Fata
  7. Train To 7 Sisters Dub feat. Dennis Bovell
  8. Licence To Kill feat. El Fata
  9. Sail Away feat. Rico Rodriguez And Cecil Dorsett
  10. You Are My Sunshine feat. Rico Rodriguez
  11. Reggae Gone Clear feat. Urban Voice Jah Ducks And General Sensi
  12. Whited Sepulchers feat. El Fata
  13. Praise Jah feat. El Fata
  14. The Deluge feat. Urban Voice Choir And El Fata And R. Curran
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
BamJimba (aka Fatman) has delivered his second outing, called 'Routes'. It's the follow up to the outstanding album '1 Love', on which he delivered tingling renditions of Dennis Brown 1983 hittune "Your Love's Gotta Hold One Me" (Heavenless riddim). All the music on the '1 Love' album was dedicated to the memory of Papa Wade McKinney (of Fari Productions International, Nassau) who died from Sickle Cell Anaemia (S.C.D.) complications in November 1999.

BamJimba is a one-man band - he's an accomplished drummer and percussionist for more than 30 years! - which is supported by plenty musicians from all over the world. For his new album 'Routes' he has found his way to Neil Fraser aka the Mad Professor as Neil's son Joe remixed and mastered the entire album at Ariwa Studios.

The album includes the tune Wake Up. This one was previously released as a single cd and introduced us to the sound of vocalist El Fata, a young Nigerian singer with more than outstanding vocal qualities. We hope that one or more of JA's topproducers will pick up this talent! El Fata's vocals match the riddim extremely well, a top song by this vocalist. The riddim of the tune reminds us of the "Boops" riddim from the 1980s. He's present on more tunes from the album. Check out his vocal style on The Guide where he reminds us of the great Bim Sherman. Ever Lovin sees the Nigerian singer in fine style, riding effortlessly the Bob Marley riddim 'Forever Loving Jah'. The Bounce brings back the time of late 80's dancehall riddims, but with a latin flavor! Nice concept though. For more dancehall niceness listen to Reggae Gone Clear, a song brought to you by the trio Urban Voice, Jah Ducks and General Sensi. El Fata shines once more on the skillfully arranged Praise Jah.

UK Dub master Dennis Bovell joins the Bamjimba posse with ease and style. His contribution - Train To 7 Sisters - is spiced with African influences. It's the only instrumental on this wonderful album. BamJimba uses the writing talents of two masters of American rock music, Jackson Browne and Bob Dylan, as he covers two songs of them. First there's the Dylan tune License To Kill, but the one that makes the most impression is Jackson Brown's epic anthem The Deluge which closes this fine album.

Bamjimba's second effort is an authentic document, a "journey through all my roots in reggae music, early influence calypso, mento, Nyahbinghi and ska...gospel..Irish/Celtic & Roma Gypsy Heritage" (Quote from Bamjimba Interview by Reggae Guide).

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