In This Time
Rebellion The Recaller
Elite Records
June 11, 2012

In This Time - Rebellion the Recaller Track list
  1. Don't Give A Damn
  2. Ghetto
  3. Live In Glory feat. Douvilous
  4. Road Of Life
  5. In This Time
  6. Intentions feat. Gentleman
  7. Make Dem Know
  8. Cover Up
  9. Ultimately
  10. We Nah feat. Douvilous
  11. Greatest Things
  12. How Much They Care
  13. Keep Me Original feat. Shabu
  14. Oness
  15. Revolution Time feat. Brolik
  16. So Cold
  17. Good Over Evil
  18. Murderer
  19. Genuine feat. Hakim
  20. Cool
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
Rebellion was born as Bafode Dramé in France in 1979 as son of West-African immigrants. He spent his early youth in France until the age of 11, when his family returned to The Gambia to give the boy the possibility to experience his ancestral culture and to follow the rigorous spiritual education of a Jahanka-an ancient tribe whose members traditionally devote their lives to the study and teaching of Islam. The young boys love for music had already developed early on through artists like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh or Jimmy Cliff. However, it began truly to flourish in The Gambia, where he encountered a colourful blend of African and Caribbean Roots and traditional music, which were circulating on audiotapes and played on local radio stations. Together with an upcoming generation of Jamaican reggae artists such as Buju Banton or Capleton, they inspired the teenager to start writing and singing his own lyrics under his newfound name, Rebellion The Recaller.

Over the years, the young artist made himself a name and soon was playing on stages in The Gambia and Senegal, alongside established local musicians such as Inspired Ones, The Royal Family, or Born Africans, finally bringing him to the attention of US-based group Suns of Light. After his first hit in The Gambia in 1997 "One for One", Suns of Light followed up in 1999 with a locally distributed album on tape called "Departing From These Days" including the hit "We Must Rebel" (featuring Suns of Light). In 2002, Rebellion decided to return to Europe, to try his luck as a professional musician. News about his talent began spreading throughout the continent, eventually leading to the re-release of "We Must Rebel" on 7" in cooperation with Roots Messenger Music, from Hamburg, Germany. In 2004, the tune became a reggae smash hit on Europe's dancefloors, giving Rebellion extensive media coverage and leading him to many stages and festivals all over Europe and to recording singles with numerous well-known European reggae producers

His first international album "Moving On" was released by 'IMMusic' and contained the hit songs "Grow With Me" and "Is It True" both productions from Bobby Digital. We reviewed this album in 2009 and our conclusion was: "a must have stunning debut album that any roots enthusiast must add to his collection".

Three years later and Rebellion returns with a brand new album, offering no less than 20 tunes, ranging from tuff dancehall to straight one drop reggae. The set of tunes comes from several European production houses for whom Rebellion recorded during the past years. Nuff nuff appealing conscious songs, but a 100% triple A status for Intentions, a combination tune with Gentleman. The awesome tune - a lick of the Feel Good riddim - was provided by the Special Delivery camp from Paris. Another sure shot winner is his duet with Shabu called Keep Me Original, courtesy of Germaican Records. From the French label Furybass comes the haunting tune Ghetto, a lick across the International Farmer riddim. Rebellion and Douvilous are a perfect combination in We Nah, an anti-violence dancehall anthem.

Last year Dub Akom's Bonafide riddim caused a lot of excitement with strong outings by Konshens, Pressure and Natty King. Here Rebellion delivers a serious conscious tune pon the riddim called Don't Give A Damn. From 2009 comes So Cold, a powerful rendition of Souljah Music's Gwaan East riddim and from that same year comes Murderer from the Silly Walks imprint, who unleashed this riddim - Aspire - with murder tunes from Luciano, Black Dillinger and Gentleman, to name but a few. Good Over Evil brings us some soca influences, a very danceable effort, while Ultimately is a brutal and commanding conscious dancehall tune. Also well worth spinning more than once is Road Of Life out of the Born Free Records camp and the French/English rap/hip-hop song Revolution Time, featuring Brolik.

Excellent selection and a worthy follow up to his debut set!