Album review
Tanzen & Schrei'n
Roots Rockers
Chet Records-Sony Music
August 30, 2004

Tracking list

  1. Blade feat. Mystic Dan
  2. Was Für Ein Tag feat. Prezident Brown
  3. Wunderschön K.P. Crew Mix
  4. What's It All About Feat. Zoe
  5. Forward feat. Mystic Dan
  6. Mary Jane
  7. Havanna feat. Katia Vargas
  8. Tanzen & Schrei'n
  9. Lovers Rock feat. Jahcoustix
  10. Noch Immer
  11. Babylon Dub
  12. Öffne Dein Herz
  13. Was Will Man Mehr feat. Mic
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 4

The German soundsystem based in Bavaria (in Passau and Munich) Roots Rockers has released their first full length album "Tanzen & Schrei'n": not a compilation or mix-album, but an album featuring themselves as vocalists and musicians. For the tune opening this album reggae the handle / we are the "Blade" they get a hand not only from the Uptone producerteam (also known esp. Andreas Brikalin for their work with Silly Walks, Luciano and Turbulence) but also countering Uwe Kaa's German in English from Phlatline Sound MC Mystic Dan, who first used his powerful voice on record when he recorded "Reggae Fi Days" over Beatschmieda's 'Elemental'-riddim, featured on Germaican Records' essential 4-riddim compilation"Shining Stars". It's a very fine tune and it seems logical that it already gained a lot of positive reviews when it was released as a 7". The next tune is also bilingual, with Prezident Brown contributing to the upful "Was Für Ein Tag" What A Day. "Wunderschön" Wonderful rides the K.P. Crew mix of Pow Pow's 'Shantytown (Double 'O' Seven)'-riddim with Uwe Kaa singing about the pleasures of attending a Roots Rockers Dance, in the meanwhile asking for a middlefinger for Mr. Bush and Tony Blair. The great "What's It All About" is a combination with Germany's female funk-soul-roots-reggae singer Zoe who is about to release her own 2nd album "Exile African". The hiphop background of the Roots Rockers members is clear in Uwe Kaa's German rap here, countered by the beautifully sung hookline by Zoe. Mystic Dan is featured once more on come mek wi dis ya vibe "Forward" another upful tune, with Uwe Kaa doing the verses in German. "Mary Jane" is the excellent ganja-tune where the weed is impersonated by a girl, that is sung this love song for, the tune already appeared as a 7", and it was also one of the tracks on the critically acclaimed Dancehall Fieber Vol. 3. The Cuban-flavored "Havanna" featured beautiful Spanish vocals by Katia Vargas, has a very fine 'forever holiday feeling'-vibe. "Tanzen & Schrei'n" Dance & Shout is a German take on Marcia Griffiths' 1968 Studio One hit "Feel Like Jumping", and it is followed by "Lovers Rock", a tune featuring Jahcoustix, leadsinger of Dubios Neighbourhood, over the riddim of John Holt's 1982 tune "Fat She Fat". "Noch Immer" Still is a funny ska tune about all those little miracles Uwe Kaa is still waiting for to happen. "Babylon Dub" is a very satisfying melodica-driven dub, that is followed by the absolutely brilliant "Öffne Dein Herz" Open Your Heart a bluesy acoustic reggae tune, with Jahcoustix on backing vocals. On "Was Will Man Mehr" What Could One Want More German soul-singer Michael 'Mic' Schuppach is taking the groove on the last tune of the album completely out of the reggae environment, but it is a very succesfull sidestep taken here, with wonderful Uwe Kaa lyrics praising his parents for the support he was given by them. And yet, this is not really the last tune of the album, because a German take on Sean Paul's re-interpretation of Alton Ellis "I'm Still In Love" is the hidden track after about 8 minutes of 'wind & sea' sounds, "Dieses Ding Mit Swing" This Thing With Swing that is only meant for the beautiful chicks wearing a string. Probably a perfect example of what this album is about, a dive into the Jamaican history, with funny mainly German lyrics, and a lot of feel-good vibes.