Bredda Daniel
Ras Teo
Forward Bound Records
September 22, 2015

Track list
  1. Bredda Daniel
  2. Let's Go Jah Jah Children
  3. Chant
  4. Mama Africa
  5. Night And Day
  6. Delilah
  7. Cumbaya
  8. They Can't Stop I feat. Iqulah Rastafari
  9. Whip Dem
  10. We Fighting feat. Yami Bolo
  11. Wolf Wolf Wolf
  12. Know Jah Today
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
Sight seen! The true message of King's Music is being carried forward by numerous artists from region to region. The absolute quality of Real Authentic Sound is right there... California based Rootsman RAS TEO is a totally upfront and upfull messenger who has been humbly delivering top grade music for years and has just released one of the most concrete albums of 2015; tracks to be remembered for all times. An instantly engaging set that exudes originality, devotion and contribution from some of the most enduring ambassadors in the business. A reflection of an artist completely determined to keep the integrity of King's Music firmly intact...

RAS TEO (Teo Hartoonian) embarked on his career in year 2000. Through hard work and unwavering vision, he has developed strong connections deep within the Roots community. His earliest works linked him with U.K heavyweights Dread and Fred, Reuben Addis, King Earthquake and producer I DAVID; who is upfront on this new release. In 2009, Ras Teo released his debut, "Mystic Morning" and his sophomore set, "Show I The Way" (2011). Coinciding with his albums, he has released monster singles with Prince Alla, Johnny Clarke and Hornsman Coyote. No stranger to nicing up the dance, he is a champion of Sound System culture; performing from Mexico to San Francisco. This includes an appearance with PETER LIONHEART's "Inner Sound Sanctuary", one of the TOP Sound Systems around (based in Oakland, California). After numerous trips to JA, Ras Teo and the legend FRED LOCKS became family strong and this opened up the door to Caveman Studio and the Foundation artists that pass through. Lookout for the upcoming, "Ras Teo & Friends", featuring the mastery of Linval Thompson, Prince Alla, Calvin "Bubbles" Cameron, Sizzla, Nut Head, Kiddus I! This man has the upmost respect of the Roots community...

"BREDDA DANIEL" is a project recorded at Caveman Studio (JA), Red Rum (L.A) and Guidance Studio (U.K). Produced by Ras Teo and I David. Legendary drummer Horsemouth Wallace is so solid throughout. An honor to have this legend play on Ras Teo's first "live instrument" set! Bassies are Malcolm Goldmaster, Boi and Riki Roots Tafari. Guitarists include the legend Phillip Porter, Boi, Jamie Uptown and Tony Rox. The horn section of Brian Wallace/Chris Hanson is to the top. Backing vox from Isha Bel, Wild Life, Matt Tryggs, Sista Elma and the legend JAH EYE (this Rootsman deserves the highest recognition!!). Massive engineering from Everton Moore (the man that has kept Caveman to the top!!) and Boi. Final mix by Boi (this man is royal on the boards!!). A Royal unity that stretches North, East, West and South. Please note: Fred Locks is hugely fundamental in the completion of this project and respect due to him in every sense.

The title track will grab your full attention!! A firm meditation in a totally original and Dread delivery. Horsemouth's drum work is incredible and seams so nice with the bubbling and licks. The plight of Daniel is chanted in a Zion vision. A song of ancient presented in pureness. "Let's Go Jah Jah Children" is top flight. A Roots Rocker that cradles the Golden days of the '70's. Ras Teo rides a majestic riddim chock full of angelic harmonies and seasoned musicianmanship in such a humble manner. Well original, but one can hear the inspirations of The Abyssianians. This gem ranks with the group's best work. Yes, it's that good! The Royal vein continues with "Chant". Horns are up, the bass and key work is progressive and Ras Teo lays it inna Pablo Gad style (one of his strongest influences). Brims with lyrical intelligence and urgency. "Mama Africa" is a bubbling fountain that flows like a river. Ras Teo commands your attention with Heart and Soul. "Night And Day" is a gem indeed. "Night And Day..we ready fe dem...Babylon deh on fire". Powerful lyrics that are a detonation of musical meditation. No partiality in here!

"Delilah" is a scorching reasoning. A firm reasoning about Samson and Delilah. Ras Teo educates in a wailing manner that resonates to the core. What a composition! Horsemouth's drumwork is well taut and I David's bubbling is intoxicating. Superior arrangement on all levels. "Cumbaya" is another firmament that is just awesome. This is a Rootsman who truly believes in his works. His ises to The Most High are felt throughout. "They Can't Stop I" shines so bright! Legendary statesman IQULAH RASTAFARI (currently on tour with Third World) is so powerful on this track; like rolling thunder from the highest region. Ras Teo's humble delivery are ideal ingredients for this vital masterpiece. With subtle horns and lilting basswork; this is standout selection. "Whip Dem" is a solid skanker. Showcases the maturity of this Lion from previous albums. He offers true hope in these perilous times. Haven't heard much from the massive energy of YAMI BOLO recently but he's brilliant on "We Fighting". His regal delivery is breath giving and intertwines naturally with Ras Teo's observance. Works on the highest levels. "Wolf Wolf Wolf" is a Roots symphony focusing on true history. The multi layered atmosphere of lyrics to riddim is presented in a dynamic mix. "Know Jah Today" is nice. With slight JACOB MILLER mannerisms, RAS TEO is lyrically potent. "Know JAH today, dash weh the sorrow". Pure songwriting ability by the grace of The Most High!

RAS TEO's "BREDDA DANIEL" is a totally enriching set originating with true intention. These are resonating meditations that are a reflection of a master craftsman. A seamless musical episode that flows naturally. An album that one will play again and again to absorb the importance of the lyrical and riddimwise substance. Don't hesitate on this Roots affair. Highest recommendation. GO DEH!!