Rudebwoy Anthem (EP)
Ill Inspecta
Germaican Records International - Groove Attack
Maxi CD / 7" Single
August 18, 2006

Track list
  1. Rudebwoy Anthem Clear Radio Edit
  2. Rudebwoy Anthem Dutty Edit
  3. Madd Paper
  4. All A Di Gal Dem - Germaican Scout - Ill Inspecta & Bobby Buster
  5. Kriss Like Dis
  6. Funeral
  7. Rudebwoy Anthem Video
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Ill Inspecta has graduated from being a Germaican Scout to a true Germaican soldier with the release of this "Rudebwoy Anthem EP" as a teaser for his upcoming "Ill Inspecta's DeeJay Skool" CD. Opening this EP is his excellent "Rudebwoy Anthem", reflecting how Ill Inspecta sees the essence of the rudebwoy image, haf him principle and stick to dem, mek him decision and stand firm with it, nah lef him focus even though times is ruff and a struggle him a struggle, tek full responsibility fi him action and know about the right values. Rudebwoy no let no badmind interfere with him plan, u cyaan get him fi do what him no want fi do ... strong man thing. Fine Patois lyrics very convincingly delivered - partly even in Vybz Kartel's 'stammering'-style - over the beautiful 'Money Bag'-riddim that Germaican Records' Pionear produced and created together with the original Far East keyboard player Matscher. For those selectors who refuse to spin CDs, the 45 of "Rudebwoy Anthem" is available at Soundquake Records' mailorder shop. Because of the overwhelming pre-release response to the "Rudebwoy Anthem" tune, and requests by especially Anglo-American radio stations for a clean radio edit, it is now featured in the "Clean Radio Edit" in which the pussies turned into hypocrites and the fassies into kitties, and its original "Dutty Edit" as well. Because of this the clean version of the "Money Bag Riddim" itself, showcasing this ol' skool one drop instrumental is easily one of THE summer reggae riddims of 2006 unfortunately had to be dropped. Both the "Dutty Edit" and the clean riddim were also featured in the batch of 3 'Money Bag' 45s that have been released this May on Germaican Records POLSKA, accompanying the release of the "Polski Ogién" Album in Poland - in association with Warner Music Poland - that entered the Polish Album Charts at No. 24 when it was released in June. And I must draw attention here to the latest Germ(aic)an release on the 'Money Bag'-riddim as well, Ronnie Trettmann's "Sommer". This EP furthermore includes all earlier Germaican Records releases by Ill Inspecta, with whom we last year conducted this interview. Ill Inspecta's fine twist on the hip hop phrase 'krazy papers' "Madd Paper" over Seeed's 'Rodeo'-riddim is up next, followed by "All A Di Gal Dem", the very convincing tune recorded with fellow Germaican Scout Bobby Buster in 2005 over Germaican Records' Jubilee riddim 'Messer Banzani' and the excellent "Kriss Like Dis" of which the intro hey bredren, see that girl over there / see that bumper announces its theme more than properly that was released in 2004 by Germaican Records JAMAICA over Tom Topp's beautiful 'Cure'-riddim, based on a sample of the Cure's "Close To You". The last tune on this EP is over the first riddim Ill Inspecta voiced for Germaican Records - after being invited to do so when Pionear had heard the 4-track demo he sent in, apparently these are still listened to - Seeed's 'Typhoon', the outrageous gun tune "Funeral". The "Rudebwoy Anthem Video" is included as multimedia bonustrack and it can be viewed and heard by clicking it in the tracklist. This EP has the big advantage - even though Ill Inspecta's contributions to the featured Germaican Records riddims have always been impressive even squeezed in between the big (Jamaican) artists also voicing those - of highlighting and emphasizing his talent and strength now that Ill Inspecta is the only star of his show. Recommended wholeheartedly for all the dancehall massive and because of the 'Moneybag Riddim' backing the titletrack "Rudebwoy Anthem" even for the roots faction. Get this EP and be on the lookout for the upcoming "Ill Inspecta's DeeJay Skool" CD.