Album review
Rumble In The Jungle Volume 1
Top Cat & General Levy
Fashion Records

Tracking list

  1. Drunken Master - Potential Bad Boy RMX - Top Cat
  2. Bunn The Sensi - Dub Hustlers RMX - Top Cat
  3. Roughest Gunark - DJ Rap RMX - Top Cat
  4. Sess A Weh You Want - Mega Dangerous RMX - Top Cat
  5. Request The Style - Project 1 RMX - Top Cat
  6. Nah Lef Me Spliff - Potential Bad Boy RMX - Top Cat
  7. Good As Gal - Body Snatchers RMX - General Levy
  8. Ism Schism - Mega Dangerous RMX - General Levy
  9. Wha Dem A Watch We For - Master Of De Skies RMX - General Levy
  10. Murderer - Mega Dangerous RMX - General Levy
  11. Too Trigger Happy - Body Snatcher & De Stress RMX - General Levy
  12. Don't Say Nuttin' - Blackboard Junglists RMX - General Levy
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3

This CD (released in 1995) showcases what you get if you take the 2 UK ragga DJ's most sampled in the ragga-jungle style, and have their outings on "sometimes classic reggae-inspired"ragga riddims, and give some of the best known ragga jungle producers a free ride. This CD has the vibes of a live performance although jungle is considered even more studio art than dub has ever been. But the well timed and fast delivered lyrics are just so tight on the riddim. If you like ragga, and especially if you like the fast paced UK style, this is your easy chance to catch up with the ragga-jungle style. While jungle itself has broadened enormously over the last two years since the original style of this album, ragga-jungle virtually didn't change. Top roots'n'culture jungle crew "Congo Natty Tribe", the crew around Rebel MC, Tenor Fly and Peter Bouncer still uses Top Cat to full effect in their recent remix of their own anthem "Junglist", and Top Cat shows on this album why he is so often used (sampled or not) by jungle producers. General Levy was the first one to get commercial acclaim as a jungle DJ on songs like "Wikkeda" and "Incredible", and his songs on this album are equally strong. This album is just : Booyaka, booyaka, LARGE.