Album review
Four Music-Columbia
EP (Enhanced)
17 - 03 - 2003

Tracking list

  1. Runaway (original)
  2. Live It Up featuring Capleton
  3. The Rule featuring Luciano & Taffari
  4. What She Deserves featuring Glen Washington
  5. What She Deserves Semi A-Cappella
  6. Runaway live with the Far East Band
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5

Last year's critical acclaimed and successful album "Journey To Jah" undoubtedly raised the profile of German singjay Gentleman in the reggae world and beyond. Now here's the sequel to that album, the EP "Runaway". Besides Gentleman's notable solo efforts "Journey To Jah" also contained wicked combinations with top flight Jamaican artists such as Bounty Killer, Morgan Heritage, Luciano & Mikey General, Junior Kelly and Capleton, to name a few. This winning formula is also utilized on "Runaway". It's an excellent (enhanced) EP that treats us to Gentleman's solid "Runaway", a track taken from the "Journey To Jah" set. Featured are the original take and a live version with the Far East Band recorded at MTV HipHop Open 2002 in Stuttgart, Germany. Besides the audio tracks one can watch the accompanying videos on computer. Then drops the first combination tune. Produced by German-based Silly Walks Movements "Live It Up" brings us Gentleman and King Shango aka Capleton in fine form. Both artists deliver a great roots song, truly worth of hearing over and over again. The combination tune "The Rule" - featuring Luciano & Taffari - proves a matching cut. However, it's the excellent "What She Deserves", performed together with Glen Washington (and coming in twice) that makes a serious impression. Great tune!! After having checked the musical part of this EP one simply has to insert it into the disc drive of a computer to enjoy the extra part which features the aforementioned "Runaway" videos alongside Gentleman's biography and a beautiful wallpaper and screensaver.
Good value for money, so make sure you get it!

Teacher & Mr. T.