The Reggae Soul Of Rusty Zinn
Rusty Zinn
Rock Beat
April 14, 2015

Track list
  1. Rise Up
  2. Angie, I Love You
  3. Pushing Towards A Dream
  4. Can't Take My Eyes Off You
  5. Do I Stand A Chance With You
  6. Turning Point
  7. She Comes From Nothing
  8. Put Your Faith In Me
  9. Is There A Place
  10. Lover's Glory
  11. Gift Of Love
  12. Woman Don't Settle
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RUSTY ZINN. A multi talented music maker that possesses an unwavering passion and vision that has risen up with songs he crafts, every concert he mashes up and every classic album he releases. An absolute afficianado of true Jamaican music without involving himself in any hype. He has successfully mastered every important era in the history of Jamaican sounds with originality and soulful interpretation. He typifies this verily so on his brand new offering, "The Reggae Soul Of Rusty Zinn". As smooth and satisfying as a vintage bottle of zinfandel and so much more...

Rusty Zinn spent his youth in Northern California and made a large impact in Blues territory for many years. After being captured by the sounds of legends like Alton Ellis, Joe Higgs, Jimmy Cliff and Delroy Wilson (to name a few), he divulged head strong in the discovery and utilized his steadfast determination to carry forth true works. In 2007, he released "Reggaeblue" that garnered him a Joe Higgs Music Award nomination. This debut showed his blend of Reggae with his Blues experience with the help of core members of The Soul Syndicate. Royal performances at Sierra Nevada World Music Festival (2009) broadened his appeal. He released his sophomore release, "Manifestation", in 2012. An acclaimed affair that featured Mixing Lab sessions with Sly Dunbar, Mikey Chung, Boris Gardiner, Robbie Lyn, Scully Simms and Bay Area sessions with stellar credentials. Rusty has toured and recorded with the aforementioned as well as Ernest Ranglin, Studio One legend Bryan Atkinson, English Beat, Earl Zero, Hux Brown, Didier Bolay, Stepper Briard, Herb Daly; the list is endless. He caught the attention of Bob Bell, a principal element in the formation of Island and Trojan Records. Mr. Bell is his manager and brings decades of experience to Rusty's sound. The future is sweet for this hardworking artist who is a musician's musician...

This album is a culmination of Mixing Lab sessions and recordings manifested at Greaseland Studios (San Jose) and Nine Below Studios (San Francisco). It features a diverse ensemble of talent. Guitars are licked by Rusty, Mikey Chung, "Hux" Brown (Foundation guitarist who has played a huge part in Rusty's career), Bob Welsh and Chris Andersen ("The Mighty Viking"). Piano/organs are bubbled by Jawge Hughes, Robbie Lyn, Russel Kreitman, Chris Burns and Bob Welsh. Bassies are Rusty, Randy Bermudes and Boris Gardiner. Drums are kicked by Sly Dunbar, Johnny Blimling and Jeremy Gray. Vivid horn section of Didier Bolay/Guillaume Briard (Taxi Gang/Homegrown Band) and Bill Ortiz. Great percussion from Rusty and Scot Brenton. Ras B is vibrant on flute. Expert mix and engineering by The Mighty Viking, Rusty and Scot Brenton. Rusty produced this classic with executive production from Bob Bell. A musical explosion of JA/California/France that meshes so well.

Rise Up is a Ska soaked gem that exudes unrelentless positivity with Rusty's sweet and soulful voice riding high on a Hux/Jawge/Johnny/Randy/Didier/Stepper riddim that authentically evokes true Ska tradition. Real sounds! Angie, I Love You is a smooth track presented in classic UK Lovers vein. Sly Dunbar passed this track to UK legend David Rodigan and has on steady rotation. An emotional love song dedicated to his wife, Angie. Rusty captures true essence here with dynamic arrangements. Top tune! Pushing Towards A Dream is a totally original track that takes us back to around 1971-2. An early Reggae visit peppered with a powerful and personal message to never give up. Great guitar from Mr. Welsh, Randy's bass is well tight and horns are up. Can't Take My Eyes Off You is a Frankie Valli classic that Rusty licked some years ago. It became a huge hit in South America and still is. Rusty interprets this song with Heart and Soul. Sweet sugar abounds and gives us an insight into his earliest musical inspirations. Timeless sound indeed! Do I Stand A Chance With You demonstrates the clearview vision of Rusty. It has a Jackie Edwards feel to it with Doo Wop nuances. Rusty intertwines with his own soul and crafts a powerful classic that takes us back many decades (maybe 1960-1?). Great drum and guitar work. This man has pure style and gives careful respect all the way. No flash, just pure message from his enormous talent! Turning Point is pure granite! Originally done by Jimmy Holiday and then Slim Smith; Rusty visits it with style and conviction. Sweet delivery accompanied by vivid guitar. This man has immersed himself in Jamaican music theory and history to the core!

She Comes From Nothing is amazing. Originally composed with Tony Chin/Santa Davis/Fully Fullwood around 2005; it's a wise choice to relick this pertinent track. A killer observation of Love in unhospitable living conditions; this song is truly dynamic! Resonates with gloriful harmonies with vibrant organ and guitar; Rusty takes us on a musical trip to glory days. Pure musical craftsmanship!! Put Your Faith In Me features riddim by Sly/Mikey/Robbie and Boris that's top a top. A song deep in emotion and range. This man can sing and selects his riddims with overstanding and respect for the music indeed. Gladys Knight (a true influence) shined on Is There A Place. Well, Rusty shines brightly, also. Presented in smooth Lovers Rock style, this track is a standout selection all the way! The atmosphere is nothing short of flawless and flows without glutter or glitter. Music the way it's intended to be. The sweetness continues with Lover's Glory. Another song scored some years ago but fits nicely. Rusty is a wicked guitarist and kills it on bass here. This song boasts a Jazzy and broad atmosphere that shapes into an eternally beautiful ode of Love. Superb songwriting; affair of the Heart. Gift Of Love is a gift of greatness. Delving nicely into Ska territory, Rusty delivers with a tenderness not heard in quite some time. He sings from his Soul, not from prefabricated rubbish. Woman Don't Settle is a sensational closer. Rusty is stellar on bass/guitar along with his longtime bredrin Jeremy Grey on drums and great piano riffs from Chris Burns. A crucial blend of Rocksteady and Lovers Rock, Rusty tells a true story of the scarred Love in an urgent manner. This song was released by the beckoning of the legendary Tony Chin!

"The Reggae Soul Of Rusty Zinn" is an album that stays close to its title with manners and respect. Rusty Zinn is able to explore a musical period that remains pertinent to this moment. He expertly revisits the 1960's to early 1970's and intertwines with his earliest musical influences. The results are absolutely true, right and deserving of the highest accolades. A musical project that flows so well. No easy feat but guaranteed to move your feet. An affair of the Heart and Soul that truly gives the credentials Rusty Zinn deserves. One of those releases that demands repeated listenings. Highest recommendation and maximum shout out to Rusty and Angela Zinn alongside Mr. Bob Bell. GO DEH!!