Sababa Vibes
Fitta Warri (Leader Of The Vanguard)
Lion Tribe Music Germany
January 31, 2006

Track list
  1. Sababa Chant
  2. He Is The Ruler
  3. Guidance And Protection
  4. Sababa Vibes
  5. Ghetto Rebellion
  6. Open Mind
  7. High Grade
  8. They Can Say
  9. Woman Of Vision
  10. Offer The Love
  11. Take It In
  12. Lion Tribe
  13. Wise Up The Youth
  14. Know Who Is Babylon
  15. Sabbath Day
  16. Count On Me
  17. We Know You Plan
  18. Burn The Beast
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 3/4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3/4
Fitta Warri was born in Franklyn Town in Jamaica and grew up in its capital Kingston. He went the regular road of several soundsystem appearances from age 14 eventually resulting in him winning a DJ contest promoted by Jamaica's Irie FM radio station, and through Magnum Force Sound having a stint at Bass Odyssey. Currently he resides in Germany and has teamed up with UK dub specialists Zion Train, guesting on their shows throughout 2005, and recording several tunes for Zion Train's Perch on the latter's Cologne based Deep Root label. Now Fitta Warri's debut album "Sababa Vibes" is about to be released on Lion Tribe Music, the Cologne-based label of former Berlin based Zimbabwean Ras T, and thanks to Carlo, the owner of the Münster, Germany recordshorp and mailorder I'm able to review this advance copy of "Sababa Vibes". The album kicks off with the short traditional Nyahbinghi chant "Sababa Chant" followed by "He Is The Ruler" over a downtempo keyboard riff dominated dubby roots riddim, before speeding up both riddim and delivery for "Guidance And Protection" that has a ragga feel but extraordinary bells dominated instrumentation. "Sababa Vibes" is strictly roots again with a great (synth-)bassline, and thought the instrumentation for the uptempo "Ghetto Rebellion" once again goes more experimental the delivery is very much in the same vein as Anthony B's. Keyboard dominate again in the more dance than dancehall oriented riddim once again in "Open Mind" before the uptempo dancehall of "High Grade" once more shows how much resemblance there is between Fitta Warri's fierce and energetic delivery and that of Anthony B, something which also can be applied to the rootsy sound of "They Can Say". The thoughtful uptempo roots with real horns of "Woman Of Vision" is a real treat, followed by the bouncing roots with an experimental twist of "Offer The Love" and the dancehall of "Take It In" dealing with the importance of education. "Lion Tribe" is over a one drop on which the keyboard stabs have just a bit too much of a cheapish sound and Fitta Warri's attempts at a more singing than singjay delivery don't benefit the track either, in my opinion the only really weaker track on this album. "Wise Up The Youth" revisits the theme of the importance of educating the young in dancehall style again, followed by the warning for the younger generation over a great roots riddim "Know Who Is Babylon". "Sabbath Day" has an experimental riddim again with minimalistic broken keyboard chords, unfortunately Fitta Warri's voice seems to a bit far back in the mix, followed by the lovers tune "Count On Me" on which once again (like "Lion Tribe") there's a combination of keyboards sounding a bit cheapish, and Fitta Warri's attempt at a more melodic (almost singing) delivery failing to impress. It's very clear when compared to the fierce (once again very much resembling Anthony B in top form) delivery of "We Know You Plan" on which Fitta Warri once again impresses over a more experimental downtempo somewhere between dance-influenced and roots riddim on which his delivery is countering the female backing vocals instead of trying to go with their flow like in "Count On Me" leading to a much better outcome. "Burn The Beast" is a great chant over a heavy dubbed up riddim, closing an impressive full length album debut, that would have been perfect without the few weaker efforts. Everyone who doesn't shy away from a bit more experimental riddims and instrumentation should give this singjay's album a listen, and I for sure will try to catch the next Zion Train live show featuring Fitta Warri.