Album review
Saddle To The East
Jah Mason, Steve Machete & Anthony B
Brickwall - Walboomers Music
11 - 01 - 2002

Tracking list

  1. Jah Mason - Dem Love Me
  2. Jah Mason - Dem Gone
  3. Jah Mason - Nah Let Mi Woman
  4. Jah Mason - Fire
  5. Jah Mason - Life Too Pressure
  6. Steve Machete - Hurry Home
  7. Steve Machete - No Comfort Stool
  8. Steve Machete - Getto Youth Cry
  9. Steve Machete - Ethiopia
  10. Anthony B - Heavy Like Lead
  11. Anthony B - Good Cop
  12. Anthony B - Fight Fi Justice
  13. Anthony B & Determine - Universal Joy
  14. Anthony B - Raise A Pay
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3

Some years ago the reggae massive was treated to the first 3-5 artist featured albums and now, seemingly in fashion, they keep on coming from a growing number of production houses. One of the latest three artist featured albums entitled "Saddle To The The East" collects singles from namebrand singjay Anthony B, the up-and-coming new star Jah Mason and the relatively unknown, but very promising singer Steve Machete. Producer/artist Leroy Moore aka Sugar Roy of Fireball Productions has compiled a well balanced and solid set. The release of Jah Mason's debut album is long overdue, so his fans will be pleased to hear him perform five pieces in a row. Surely the same will apply to those who aren't that familiair with Jah Mason's works, 'cause all five tunes are well worth hearing. His first tune and album opener, the wicked "Dem Love Me" across the "Wanga" riddim, makes a strong impresssion. And also the next piece, "Dem Gone" - performed over the "Lonely/In The Mood" riddim, actually an updated version of the Techniques' "I'm In The Mood" - is a notable effort. Then Jah Mason starts riding more dancehall reggae oriented backdrops. First there's the decent "Nah Left Mi Woman", which is followed by another strong delivery - "Fire" - before he rounds off with the solid "Life Too Precious".
New roots singer Steve Machete proves a revelation and truly a name to watch. All four pieces are very enjoyable and above par. "Hurry Home" is a wicked piece for the classic "Mr. Bassie" riddim. Next drops "No Comfort Stool" aka "Comfort Seat", which is underpinned by the "Wanga" - a matching vocal cut to Jah Mason's "Dem Love Me". Winston Jarrett's "Youthman" riddim is revitalized for the great reality tune "Getto Youth Cry", while the outstanding, and our personal favorite, "Ethiopia" sees Steve Machete riding the "Lonely/In The Mood" riddim with ease.
In contrast to his aforementioned musical brethren Anthony B needs no further introduction as he is well known in Jamaica and abroad. His first two pieces, "Heavy Like Lead" on the "Mr. Bassie" riddim and "Good Cop" over the "Wanga" riddim, are truly great and belong to the standouts of this compilation set. "Fight Fi Justice" maintains the quality standard, however the combination with Determine called "Universal Joy" and "Raise A Pay" fail to make a serious impression.
The inclusion of much promising artists like Jah Mason and Steve Machete alongside topnotch cultural singjay Anthony B as well as the fact that this set contains nuff notable tunes make "Saddle To The East" well worth picking up.

Teacher & Mr. T.