Same Difference
Ziggi Recado
Rock 'N Vibes
Digital release (EP)
June 14, 2010

Track list
  1. Ganja Smoke In The Air
  2. Wanna Know
  3. Baddest
  4. Pretender
  5. Complicated
  6. You feat. Marcia Griffiths
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Dutch reggae-artist Ziggi's popularity is rising fast and a lot of people mix him up with Ziggy Marley. Because he's striving for worldwide recognition and to avoid problems with the Marley family he has now decided to change his name to Ziggi Recado. Following this recent name change, Ziggi Recado has (digitally) released an EP with six brand new songs called "Same Difference".

The strong EP kicks off in great style with the Curtis Lynch Jr of Necessary Mayhem produced "Ganja Smoke in The Air", which utilizes a wicked revitalized version of Triston Palma's dancehall scorcher from 1982 entitled "Joker Smoker". "Baddest", the first single taken from this EP, is another Curtis Lynch Jr produced effort that stands out. The video of this tune caused quite a bit of controversy because it contains images of guns, which made it not suitable for television. However the video clearly projects the message that Ziggi Recado is sending in the song: "If you live by the gun you will die by the gun". In between these two tracks there's the lovers tune "Wanna Know", nicely done but nothing real special. The classic "Police In Helicopter" riddim is re-activated by Curtis Lynch Jr, and Ziggi Recado's cut "Pretender" surely belongs to the best efforts. The wonderful slow-paced "Complicated" is another highlight on this EP. Taking into consideration the difference in age, the real nice combination song with reggae vet Marcia Griffiths, the Anthony Senior of Al.Ta.Fa.An produced "You", is a bit odd lyrically speaking, especially when it comes to lyrics such as "Baby you... make me love you more... every time I touch you baby...", "You deserve more than just affection... I'm giving you full hundred..." and "Girl you bring me so much joy and pleasure... my feelings for you nobody cyaan measure... I need you inna mi life forever...".

Musically speaking it doesn't make any difference wether he's named Ziggi or Ziggi Recado. After all he's an artist who knows how to please his many fans with varying tunes.