Mash Up
The Small Axe People
Small Axe People
October 18, 2015

Track list
  1. Masher
  2. Mashed Up
  3. Miss Mash
  4. Junk Mash
  5. Mash Able
  6. All In The Mash
  7. Genetic Mash Up
  8. Mash Away
  9. Mash I
  10. Altered Mash
  11. Mash Man
  12. Alien Mash
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Lead Instruments : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 4
Almost a year after the release of "Skankers Delight", after "Skank It Up" (2009), "Skank To Skank" (2010) and "Skankers Corner" (2011) being the fourth and final album that was part of The Small Axe People's 'Skank' projects, and also almost fifteen years after Ray Hurford started to produce and release cd's of his brainchild, "Mash Up" the meanwhile eighteenth album coming out of the Area X studio in East London.

The inspiration and basis for this brand new collection of tunes is the "Chim Cherie" riddim, which was derived from Bump Oakley's Studio One hit "A Get A Lick". During sessions at the legendary Black Ark studio, Aston "Family Man" Barrett created the "Chim Cherie" on Lee "Scratch" Perry's four-track equipment. It actually was the first Jamaican reggae riddim for which a drum machine (the Rhythm King) was used. Later to be named "Billie Jean" riddim, it was popularised by General Echo and also successfully versioned by Shinehead for his rendition of Micheal Jackson's hit song. The twelve tracks included on "Mash Up" are built inna 'Version' style & fashion, with vocal samples and sound effects mixed in to mash it up. Although at first listen one might think that the tunes don't differ that much, repeated listenings learn that all efforts are well varied and worth hearing, especially those that have a mesmerizing effect and create nice vibes. In particular tracks such as "Mashed Up", "Junk Mash", "Mash Away" and "Mash Man" grow on you and provide nuff listening pleasure.

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