Satta Dub
Tabou 1
June 27, 1999

Track list
  1. Thunderstorm
  2. Mandela Version
  3. African Dub
  4. I 'N' I Dub
  5. Good Lord Dub
  6. Know Jah Dub
  7. Y Mas Gan Dub
  8. Jah Loves Dub
  9. Zion I Dub
  10. Peculiar Dub
  11. Meditation Dub
  12. Dem A Dub
  13. There Is No Dub
  14. Mandela
  15. Mandela Part 2
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : - Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 3/4 Sleeve : 4
The Abyssinians, probably the best vocal trio of the 70's, were formed in 1968 and comprised lead singer Bernard Collins and the brothers Linford and Donald Manning. The group's name will always be associated with their timeless first single, the Rastafarian hymn 'Satta Massagana'.

The group has released three albums, "Satta", (also released as "Forward Onto Zion"), "Forward" and "Arise". In 1996 they released the album "19.95 + Tax". After a time of relatively inactivity The Abyssinians made their comeback in the 90's, although with two versions of the group - one led by Bernard Collins, the other by the Manning brothers.

This album consists of dub versions of some of their best songs. Featured here are four excellent versions of their best known song 'Satta Massa Gana". Thunderstorm is an instrumental version featuring Bongo Herman, Bongo Lez and Donald Manning on percussion. Mandela features Tommy McCook on saxophone, whilst Mandela Part 2 features Tommy McCook on fife.

Almost all of the tracks are more or less instrumental pieces with lots of vocal interjections. Most outstanding tracks are Zion I Dub, There Is No Dub and Y Ma A Gan Dub. The perfect backing is provided by such great musicians as Sly Dunbar and Horsemouth (drums), Leroy Sibbles and Robbie Shakespeare (bass), Chinna Smith and Mikey Chung (guitars), Richard Ace, Clive Hunt, Tyrone Downie and Pablo Black (keyboards) and an impressive horns line up featuring Tommy McCook, Herman Marquis, Bobby Ellis, Headley Bennett, Clive Hunt and Cedric "Im" Brooks.