One Moment In Peace
Sebastian Sturm
Rubin Rockers / Rootdown -Soulfood Music
August 29, 2008

Track list
  1. Be Righteous
  2. Invitation feat. Jahcoustix
  3. Seeing Things
  4. Her Eyes
  5. Waste Too Much Time
  6. Irie Place
  7. Ey Honey
  8. True Music
  9. Sunbeam
  10. No Wiser
  11. Start It Today
  12. One Moment
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5
Born in 1980 as son from an Indonesian mother and a German father and raised at the crossing of the German, Belgian and Dutch borders, Sebastian Sturm founded his first punkband when he was 14. The screaming instead of singing fronting a punkband caused the raspy edge his voice still carries, nevertheless a voice very reminiscent (also because of his delivery) of German reggae singers Patrice and Martin Jondo. After the reggae band Jogit Beat that Sebastian Sturm founded dissolved in 2005, he teamed up with one of Germany's longest serving roots outfits, Aachen based Jin Jin, a band that since 1990 has been a constant force in German roots reggae, with several performances at Summerjam to look back upon, and the combination of the young singer and this mature band has led to his wonderful debut album "This Change Is Nice" and resulted in Sebastian Sturm being chosen 'Newcomer of the Year' in the poll of German reggae magazine Riddim in both 2007 and 2008.

And two years after the release of that debut this is the even stronger sophomore album "One Moment In Peace", opened with the strong "Be Righteous" on which he makes clear that this album is like its predecessor filled with well sung fine lyrics, delivered beautifully over live played old school roots reggae riddims with a great horn section prominently present, followed by the smashing duet "Invitation" that sounds like a Bob Marley / Bunny Wailer tune praising rocking in the dance so sweet alongside Dubios Neighbourhood and Outsideplayers singer and solo artist Jahcoustix and the heartfelt breaking up tune "Seeing Things". The next tune "Her Eyes" is a wonderful acoustic love ballad over just a strumming guitar for a minute before the riddim section joins in after a minute and then it's back to the sadder mood of "Her Eyes" in "Waste Too Much Time" with its magnificent melancholic horns.

A brilliant close harmony vocal approach lifts the already excellent "Irie Place" even higher than it would have been without it, one of the standout tracks on an album that doesn't contain a single weak song, before Sebastian Sturm tries to convince his lady to move (on) for a better life in "Ey Honey" which is both pessimistic and trying to be uplifting. Then Sebastian delivers a great tribute to "True Music" telling how you can know where to go, stop to think small and find a way to discover your soul through music and the very strong (and very Marley-esque in both his delivery and the musical backing) i wish i got hit by a "Sunbeam". The love gone wrong theme however is never far on this album and "No Wiser" is another superb tune dealing with it, in which you feel for him singing that's the way it is, she said and turned her back on me.

A more dubbed up heavy riddim backs the great plea - in almost early Aswad style - to leave your fears behind and open your eyes to get together for a better world and "Start It Today" that once more emphasizes what a great (even more mature than 2 years ago) singer and songwriter Sebastian Sturm is, before this excellent album is closed with its title tune and first single released from it "One Moment In Peace". Another truly great live backed roots (and a bit lovers) release on Rubin Rockers from the very fruitful cooperation between the youthful Sebastian Sturm and the seasoned Jin Jin band that should find its way to every roots-aficionado.