The Secret Dubs (EP)
A Quiet Bump (Released under Creative Commons license)
Free Digital Download
November 28, 2008

Track list
  1. Thirsty Version
  2. Sexo Dub Chapter 1
  3. Dubbing The Secret
  4. Tell Me Dub
  5. Never Rub (Switching Dub Version)
  6. Row & Row (Jambassa Remix)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 3/4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 2
Spain seems to be fertile ground for a reggae band whose sound is strongly rooted in the 1970s, the golden era of roots music in Jamaica. After BDF (Basque Dub Foundation) and Roberto Sanchez' Lone Ark Riddim Force of A-Lone Productions, it's now Hotdrop that attracts our attention.

Hotdrop, an 8-member band, was born in the winter of 2004, in dark rehearsal rooms of Madrid's suburbs, where the irresistible attraction for Jamaican riddims made these reggae lovers take the same direction. The band grew gradually, thanks to underground jam sessions, summer recordings and amazing coincidences... Long inspired rehearsal nights did the rest. But the road is long and Hotdrop’s story suffered many encounters and farewells, until it reached the stable musical line up in that currently creates its mystic reggae-dub sound. Their debut album "Ready" (Lafamille, 2007) featured 12 original cuts and was the completion of this first hectic period of Hotdrop's life. After the great reception and positive reviews of their first album "Ready", Hotdrop hit the road again with their first vinyl EP 10" called "No Barriers". And now they are presenting their latest record "Secret Dubs", a free downloadable EP (!!!) that includes six previously unreleased tracks -- 5 soulful roots dub tracks plus 1 remix.

The prolific producer, musician and engineer Victor Rice (Estudio El Rocha, Sao Paulo, Brasil), known among other musical aspects for his productions of different bands including Version City Rockers, The Slackers and SKAndalous All Stars, has been responsible for the dub mix of the first four tracks of the EP. His mixing works have turned the original tracks into great atmospheric dub pieces with a real nice final touch. "Thirsty Version", which incorporates wicked horn parts and snatches of vocals, is an entertaining dub worth of hearing. This mindblowing experience is followed by another great track, the Augustus Pablo-esque dub piece Sexo Dub Chapter 1. Next drops the real hard-hitting "Dubbin The Secret", another awesome effort that bounces off the speakers. Can listen to the hypnotizing "Tell Me Dub" over and over again, not least due to its killer bassline. It's hard to match Victor Rice's efforts, but Gamino, who mixed Never Rub (Switching Dub Version) Q-Zone studio, Avellino, Italy, has managed to do so. The last track, Row & Row (Jambassa Remix), reminds us of the works done by Rhythm & Sound. A different, but nevertheless nice effort that rounds off a worthwhile release.

You can check it out for free when you download the "Secret Dubs EP" HERE.