Next! (Limited Edition)
October 14, 2005

Track list
  1. Schwinger
  2. Next ... !!
  3. Aufstehn! feat. Cee-Lo Green
  4. Stand Up
  5. Tight Pants
  6. Please feat. Lady Saw
  7. Ocean's 11
  8. Can't Hold Me
  9. Goosebumps
  10. Slowlife
  11. Ding
  12. She Got Me Twisted
  13. Light The Sun
  14. End Of The Day feat. Maya Dela Gwada
    Limited Edition Bonustracks
  15. Eediat Badman (Refix) - Elephant Man on Seeed's 'Rodeo (Refix)'-riddim
  16. Shake Wha' U Have (Refix) - T.O.K. on Seeed's 'Rodeo (Refix)'-riddim
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5
After both teasers, in collaboration with Pionear and his Germaican Records their 'Rodeo'-riddim to conquer the dancehalls, and the first 'commercial single' "Aufstehn!" - despite my fear that it would be a too complicated tune for the charts the most commercially successful single so far in their career - Germany's dancehall caballeros Seeed return with their third album "Next" following their debut "New Dubby Conquerors", one of the best debut albums released in the last couple of years and their even better sophomore album "Music Monks" and several riddims in the time between in collaboration with Pionear for Germaican Records like 'Frogass', 'Doctor's Darling', 'Pharaoh', 'Electric Boogie' and 'Rodeo' and the 'Rodeo Refix'. After a typical scratched DJ Illvibe intro the humorous boast "Schwinger" kicks off this album in fine (and immediately recognizable yet not becoming predictable Seeed) dancehall style, followed by the titletrack "Next", also lyrically devoted to the positive influence of their own sound on listeners, with beautiful backing vocals by Grace & Miss Platnum, and additional guitars by - drummer Based & DJ Illvibe's colleague in the jazz, hiphop, electro, funk, reggae and turntablism blend Lychee Lassi - Dirk Berger. "Aufstehn!" is the already mentioned single over the 'High Noon'-riddim - featuring former Goodie Mob member Cee-Lo Green, that has reached the Top 10 of the German pop charts - on which the next tune, their fine take on a remixed version of Pow Pow's thumping 'Gladiator'- riddim "Stand Up" was also included. The soul inspired "Tight Pants" featuring the female soulpower of Nathalie Dorra & Miss Platnum is about someone not dancing because your pants are too tight / you can't let yourself go, followed by the nice R&B-ish "Please" with Lady Saw deejaying. The heavy "Ocean's 11" with General Degree co-written lyrics is indeed inspired by the movie, and General Degree is also one of the co-writers of the lyrics of "You Can't Hold Me" that's why I'm still lonely, that is musically so far from the usual Seeed and reggae idiom, that it wouldn't have been out of place on Appear's "Bound Club (EP)". "Goosebumps" is a very nice ska tune in the vein of "Fire In The Morning" from "Music Monks". "Slow Life" is set over a gloomy soundscape that is also reminiscent of Demba 'Ear' Nabé's solowork as Appear, not too surprising as this track is produced by the collective Boundzound consisting of Ear, Charles Matuschewski & Transporterraum. "Ding" is Seeed's very entertaining own take on their 'Rodeo'-riddim, followed by the more straightforward horn driven reggae of "She Got Me Twisted" right around her pretty little finger, followed by the intriguing move on up, and "Light The Sun", before this excellent album is officially closed with the oriental-influenced (but not like all the other oriental sounds already heard in the last couple of years) riddim under "End Of Days" featuring the fierce female deejaying of Maya Dela Gwada. On the limited edition of "Next" reviewed here 2 fine bonus tracks on the 'Rodeo Refix' have been included, Elephant Man's "Eediat Badman" and T.O.K.'s "Shake Wha' U Have", to enrich an album that already without these extras shows Seeed is ready to set the dancehalls and popcharts on fire again, with yet another great album that should be in everyone's reggae collection.