No Games
Phase One - Rockstone
CD/LP/Digital Download
October 27, 2009

Serani - No Games Track list
  1. No Games
  2. Chauffeur feat. Smoke
  3. Polka Dot
  4. When It's Cold Outside
  5. Be With YOu
  6. First Sight
  7. She Loves Me
  8. Naked
  9. Give Me
  10. Romance Me
  11. Take Me Higher
  12. Hey Sexy
  13. Faith In Me
  14. Mama Still Hungry
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Total votes : 6
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Phase One Communications together with Rockstone brings us this debut full length "No Games" album by one of Jamaica's most prolific producers turned singer, Craig 'Serani' Marsh, one of the members of extremely successful production trio Rhythm Gurus Daseca - the other members are David and Craig Harrisingh. And though one would probably expect that 14 tracks of Serani (for the ladies) might be too much, actually this album is a great listening experience too (the dancehalls have already proven the tunes gathered provide everything needed for a great dancing experience). The self for Daseca produced megahit "No Games" over the 'Unfinished Business' called relick of Dave Kelly's alltime classic 'Showtime'-riddim is followed by the excellent combination with Smoke a.k.a. Chevy P from Field Mob that brings us "Chauffeur" followed by the very catchy "Polka Dot", the Leftside produced "When It's Cold Outside" and the for Danny “Styles” Schofield and Winston “Blackout” Thomas' Blackout Movement recorded "Be With You".

Then Daseca show they are as much capable to provide those R&B-influenced pop-oriented yet pure Jamaican lovers-dancehall riddims needed backing Serani's vocals that do (I'd say surprisingly) not all annoy over 14 tracks, for the wonderful "First Sight" and current hit "She Loves Me" followed by another Blackout Movement production, the smooth "Naked" and the 2 excellent Chimney productions by Jordan McClure & David 'Hizzle' Hayle "Give Me" and "Romance Me". Then hip hop / R&B producer and pianist extraordinaire Canei Finch from NYC produces the almost "Cher-pop" like "Take Me Higher" before the last three songs are all Serani for Daseca produced very entertaining contributions. This is a very impressive debut album from Craig 'Serani' Marsh as a singer, showing he is not only a brilliant producer, but a magnificent songwriter and very satisfying singer as well. This album is a must buy and not just for the ladies.