She Didn't Know I Missed The Plane
Archie Wonder
Charm-Jet Star
September 22, 2001

Track list
  1. Nobody
  2. Lonely
  3. Reason
  4. The Plane
  5. Close Your Eyes
  6. Piece Of My Heart
  7. I Want U
  8. Hush Don't Cry
  9. Jah Send We Come
  10. Heat Is On
  11. No Tears
  12. Take Me To A Dream
  13. Over U Now
  14. Groove My Mind
  15. Smokey Eyes
  16. Jah Guide I
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
After having unleashed notable debut albums from Antonio, the Rasites and Alpha Rowen, London based Jet Star releases the debut set of their next major new singing talent, Archie Wonder. In common with Cocoa Tea, Freddie McGregor, Barrington Levy and a fair few other well known reggae stars, Archie Wonder hails from the Jamaican parish of Clarendon - his home town being Denbigh, near May Pen. A country area situated some miles southwest of Kingston and until recently, desperately lacking in recording facilities, Clarendon is nevertheless famed for its sound systems. It's thus hardly surprising to learn that Archie got his start in the music business by singing on local sounds like Bodyguard, Black Cat and especially Commando, whose sessions he attended as often as he could from the age of fourteen. He was known as Singing Zorro back then - a name he was given at school on account of his dark complexion and liking for the Zorro movies.

A good singer even from childhood, it's not hard to guess where the first part of his name came from. Yami Bolo and Sanchez were among his favourite artists at that time, although their influence was comparatively short-lived - Archie Wonder having developed his own style in short order after completing his dancehall apprenticeship. After having joined up with producers like Jah Screw, Winston "Techniques" Riley and Lloyd Dennis in order to start a decent recording career, he arrived in the UK during the summer of 2000, whereupon he teamed up with Birmingham producer Whooligan, an association which proved successful as it brought him his debut UK reggae hits "Cruisin'" and "Up & Down". Jet Star took him to the next stage in his recording career as they promptly put him to work under the watchful supervision of well-respected artist/producer Vivian Jones and accompanied by such fine musicians as Mafia & Fluxy, Tony Phillips and Carlton "Bubbler" Ogilvie.

"She Didn't Know I Missed The Plane" fully showcases Archie Wonder's talents as singer and songwriter as well. Comprised of sixteen songs and encapsulating the timeless, UK lovers rock sound Archie Wonder likes so much, this debut set proves a very enjoyable and well produced collection of tunes of a singer who is blessed with an original voiced. Although the tracks are mainly in the lovers vein, this sweet voiced singer demonstrates that he's also capable of delivering solid reality material, which can be witnessed while listening to such standout efforts like the herb anthem "Smokey Eyes", the beautiful, accapella sung sufferers' track "Jah Guide I" and "Jah Send We Come" - voiced over a cut of Bunny Wailer's "Battering Down Sentence". With "The Heat Is On" - which utilizes a riddim once made famous by Shabba Ranks - Archie Wonder also shows that he can deliver a decent dancehall flavored reality tune as well. The lovers material includes such highlights as "Reason", "The Plane" (co-written with Vivian Jones), "Close Your Eyes", the wonderful "Over U Now (which is a matching cut to Luciano's "Empress Love") and, of course, "Piece Of My Heart".

Reggae fans in general, and lovers rock fans in particular, shouldn't hesitate to check Archie Wonder's debut album "She Didn't Know I Missed The Plane" as this set is first-rate!