Album review
Dancehall BadBoy
Black Liberty Records

Tracking list

  1. Mama
  2. Woman A Tease Me
  3. Hotter Than The Rest
  4. Jolly Ride
  5. Hot Gal Alone
  6. Ring Off Me Pager
  7. Life Is A Tragedy
  8. Millennium Gun
  9. Science & Technology
  10. Smoking Up The Terrorist
  11. War Bruck Out A Foreign
  12. War Lord
  13. Gun Cease
  14. Building Block
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 3/4 Backing : 3 Production : 3/4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3

Alton Bonner aka Shepard has been chanting from a very young age. Being the younger brother of Jamaican singers Spanner Banner and Pliers (together with Chaka Demus forming a very successful duo in the first half of the nineties), it was only natural that he would be inspired to proceed likewise. The difference between him and his older brothers that he doesn't sing but deejay. Although Shepard comes with a style that is sometimes reminiscent of the great Bounty Killer, he's definitely no copycat. So far Shepard has won a number of awards and has recorded a notable amount of dubplates for sound systems. Now he comes up with his debut set "Dancehall BadBoy" in order to take his career to the next stage. From beginning to end it's obvious that Shepard has no lack of lyrics, a must in the very competitive dancehall business. It makes solid tunes such as "Mama", "Life Is A Tragedy", "Millennium Gun" and "Gun Cease" really worth of hearing. The only minus of Shephard's debut set is that we're treated to a few real good, appealing riddim tracks. Most of the riddims start off nice, but in the end fail to make a serious impression. The result is that Shepard's vocal and lyrical delivery mostly shines much brighter than the riddims backing him. Thus "Dancehall BadBoy" turns out to be a rather mediocre debut set.

Teacher & Mr. T.