Album review
Silly Walks Movement Meets
Silly Walks Movement-Sony
EP (CD and 12")
15 - 09 - 2003

Tracking list

  1. Truly Majestic
  2. Moonrise
  3. Truth No More
  4. Write Your Name
  5. Feel It Now
  6. Everyday Good
  7. Feel Alone
  8. I'll Be Near
  9. Oneness
  10. Oneness Dub
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5

The oldest German soundsystem still playing out in combination with one of Germany's most promising roots & culture singer-songwriters Patrice. Since July 1991 Hamburg's selecter Oliver Schrader and sound-engineer David Meyer run Silly Walks Movement, and they are known for their conscious roots & culture approach of the music. They already showed this with the release of the various artists set "Songs Of Melody", and now they teamed up with Patrice, who has 2 albums behind his name "Ancient Spirit" and "How Do You Call It?". On "Songs Of Melody" Patrice performed a different version from the 2nd album's "Jah Jah Deh Deh" called "Mindslaves" which is now featured as the B-side of the single from this album: "Moonrise". In the past a lot of reggae-listeners have been saying that they like Patrice, but would love him, if only he could restrict himself to reggae, and not venture too much into triphop and nu-soul territory. (I strongly disagree with that opinion, but who am I?) It worked out perfectly however on this album to record nothing but reggae, some of it strumming an acoustic guitar as the only backing, but still just reggae. And althought I simply can't stand all the would-be Bob Marleys of this world, trying to sound like him, to play in the same vein, this album could have been called "Silly Walks Movement Meets Bob Marley", and yet, it is superb because of the enormous intensity of Patrice's delivery. Starting this set with the acoustic love song "Truly Majestic", the great single "Moonrise" is next, with a real old school riddim, with a great piano theme, in a song that brings with its female backing vocals Bob Marley and the I-Threes into the mind. "Truth No More" shows Patrice more in his own style, where he also singjays, before "Write Your Name" has him sounding even closer to Bob Marley. Patrice by now is known to be tired of the comparisons to Bob Marley, but he is like Bob not only a great songwriter, he has that same way of singing in a breakable, sometimes even broken voice, that Bob had, also shown in "Feel It Now", that has a Waileresque backing as well. "Everyday Good" is a reggaefied update of the same song from his debutalbum "Ancient Spirit". And if you thought you already heard the tracks Patrice resembling Bob Marley closest, then be in for a surprise when you hear "Feel Alone". Another great acoustic song is delivered in his promise 'to send you my angels, to guide you on your way, to make sure everything's okay, to shine on your way'. Wonderful! "Oneness" would have been a superb Bob Marley track, now it is an excellent Patrice track, followed by its dub version "Oneness Dub" to end a magnificent release. The only complaint I can think of is that I would have loved to hear another 10 tracks. For more on this album that everyone should buy, and short snippets of these songs as well as information on other Silly Walks releases, just "click here".