The Journey ~ The Very Best Of
June 20, 2008

Sizzla - The Journey: The Very Best of Sizzla Kalonji Track list
  1. One Of Those Day (Dry Cry)
  2. Praise Ye Jah
  3. The Solution
  4. Good Ways
  5. Thank You Mama
  6. Africa Prepare
  7. Be Strong
  8. Really And Truly
  9. One Love
  10. Give Me A Try
  11. Haven't I Told You
  12. Ain't Gonna See Us Fall
  13. Like Mountains
  14. Rise To The Occasion
  15. Show More Love
  16. Thanks And Praises
  17. Love Is Divine
  18. Where Are You Running To
  19. Rastafari Teach I Everything
  20. In This Time feat. Luciano
  21. Black Woman And Child
Bonus DVD:
  • Exclusive RETV documentary filmed at Judgement Yard
  • Sizzla interview with Robbo Ranx
  • Music video: Thank You Mama
  • Music video: Rise To The Occasion
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
In the mid 90s Sizzla Kalonji (born Miguel Orlando Collins on April 17, 1976 in St. Mary, Jamaica) started to gain attention from reggae connoisseurs with a handful of strong 7" singles and the Phillip 'Fatis' Burrell produced debut album "Burning Up". Soon after the turban-clad chanter established his name as one of the hottest deejays in circulation with two phenomenal conscious albums, "Praise Ye Jah" (again for producer Phillip 'Fatis' Burrell) and the Bobby Digital produced "Black Woman & Child", both released in 1997. To call his output in the years since then prolific would be an understatement. Over the past twelve years he has released approx. 50 full length albums (not counting compilations and combinations with other artists) and countless singles. Thus it's almost impossible for a newcomer to know where to start buying a Sizzla album, that is, until now, as Greensleeves Records this very fine best of compilation "The Journey ~ The Very Best Of".

A true collection of hits from every period of his career so far, it opens with one of Sizzla's biggest and strongest his "One Of Those Days (Dry Cry)" over 'Queen Majesty' from 2003 for Bobby 'Digital' Dixon, followed by one of the earliest tunes gaining attention, "Praise Ye Jah" for Fattis' Xterminator from 1997. "The Solution" over Big League's 'Paradise'-riddim, "Good Ways" over Brick Wall's relick of Alton Ellis' Studio One classic 'Breaking Up' a.k.a. 'Never Give Up'-riddim from 1998 and the scorcher "Thank You Mama" over the 'One To One' also for Digital B from 2003. More recent is "Africa Prepare" over the Lee Perry 'Black Board'-relick for Frenchie's Maximum Sound from 2007 and Sizzla's take on Don Corleon's very successful 'Drop Leaf' "Be Strong" still is as impressive as "Really And Truly" across 'Natural Mystic' for 'Bulby' and Fatta's Fat Eyes from 2006 and from the same year "One Love" across Black Uhuru's 'I Love King Selassie'-riddim for Lloyd 'King Jammy' James.

The Don Corleon produced R&B ballad "Give Me A Try" from the 2003 by Don Corleon produced controversial "Rise To The Occasion" album is followed by "Haven't I Told You" over the great 'I Swear' a.k.a. 'Fifth Element' from 2004 and the title track of his strong 2006 album "Ain't Gonna See Us Fall". "Like Mountains" is one of the oldest tunes recordest for the Fire House Crew followed by "Rise To The Occasion" and last year's "Show More Love" across Richard Cameron's 'Africa'-riddim. The beautiful "Thanks And Praise" across Christopher Birch' strong roots 'Cry Baby'-riddim from 2005 is then followed by one of the earliest efforts for Bobby Digital, the beautiful "Love Is Devine" over Half Pint's 'Hold On'-riddim (re-used for a whole selection of 7"s in 2005 by Bobby Digital) and "Where Are You Running To", an almost non-dancehall groove, Sizzla singing very melodic and deejaying in a very laid-back style from 2005's again by Don Corleon produced "Soul Deep" album.

"Rastafari Teach I Everything" was in 2001 the title-track of yet another very strong collection for Fattis and the great duet with Luciano "In This Time", by far the strongest track of his less impressive 1999 Xterminator release "Royal Son Of Ethiopia" are followed by the despite being 12 years ago recorded still extremely strong title track of this first Bobby Digital album "Black Woman & Child", that concludes this impeccable collection of Sizzla hits, with which Greensleeves Records in my opinion have truly compiled a Sizzla collection for those just getting into this music but as well for those wanting to hear Sizzla's biggest tunes without having to put several CDs or 7"s in or on their equipment as well. Compared to earlier Sizzla best of collections this is by far the superior one truly containing all killer no filler material.