The Skints
Easy Star Records
March 17, 2015

Track list
  1. FM: DJ Mr. Versatile Breakfast Show
  2. This Town feat. Tippa Irie & Horseman
  3. In The Night feat. Horseman
  4. Come To You
  5. My War
  6. FM: Dancehall Dilemmas with Dr. Ranking Pegasus
  7. Friends & Business
  8. Where Did You Go?
  9. Tazer Beam feat. Tippa Irie
  10. The Forest For The Trees
  11. FM: Grime Hour with Rivz
  12. Eyes In The Back Of My Head feat. Rival
  13. Got No Say
  14. FM: DJ Mr. Versatile Evening Session
  15. Tomorrow
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The Skints are a London based band formed by school friends in 2005 at Woodbridge High School. The band hail from the Leyton/Walthamstow and South Woodford/Woodford areas of northeast London. They spent their first year and a half changing band members whilst perfecting their sound. They settled on the current line-up in May 2007. Members are Jamie Kyriakides (vocals, drums), Joshua Waters Rudge (vocals, guitar), Jonathan Doyle (bass) and Marcia Richards (vocals, keyboards, alto saxophone, melodica, flute, guitar, samples). The Skints mix reggae, ska, dub, punk & hip-hop, dubbing their sound as 'East London Reggae'. The band have toured extensively, playing hundreds of shows, supporting bands that include The King Blues, The English Beat (The Beat UK) and The Aggrolites. In 2008 the band released the EP "Do The Dog" on Kevin Flowerdew’s UK Ska label Do The Dog Music. Several albums and EP's followed and their latest effort is the concept album "FM", released by the New York label Easy Star Records.

The album’s concept consists of a day (must be a summer day!) at an imaginary (illegal?) London radio station, FM.103.SKINTS, inspired by old-skool reggae, lovers rock and rocksteady. It starts with an intro to the Breakfast Show by dj Mr.Versatile, followed by the absolute killer track of the album, "This Town", a typical UK reggae/dancehall track, featuring deejay explosions from Horseman and Tippa Irie, dedicated to the town of London. Check out the clip on YouTube! Horseman stays with us in the next track "In The Night", a splendid reggae tune with a great rock guitar riff. Things get a lot sweeter when Marcia Richards takes lead vocals on "Come To You", a sublime lovers rock/rocksteady song. "My War" is the only cover on the album. The original Black Flag tune provides a serious tone on the album and is also the end of Mr.Versatile's Breakfast Show.

Dr. Ranking Pegasus (love the name!) enters with his show called Dancehall Dilemmas. He's on the phone with a listener called Danny and the humorous conversation evolves into "Friends And Business", a swinging ska flavored tune. The tempo goes down a bit with "Where Did You Go?", a melodic old skool reggae tune. UK deejay Tippa Irie lines up for the next tune, "Tazer Beam". More serious business here, complete with an intriguing melodica solo. Next tune! "The Forest For The Trees". It seems like the bass line of 'Pick Up The Pieces' is used for this absolute bomber tune. Lyrically relevant and musically hard to equal. We're sure you'll spin this one more than once! This one's also the end of the Dancehall Dilemmas segment.

Rivz takes over with Grime Hour and the musical atmosphere changes when Rival joins the Skints on "Eyes In The Back Of My Head". A heavy dubbed tune with Rival spitting out his messages inna hip hop style. "Got No Say" comes pretty close to what one might call 'pop song'. No clear reggae beat, vocally superb and very catchy! We arrive at the Evening Show with Mr.Versatile. He closes the day & the album with an appropriate tune called "Tomorrow", a song with a beautiful melody, an easy going toast by Horseman, and an impressive vocal delivery.

What can we say? Thrilling and seductive concept album!