Return Of The Raggamuffin
Skarra Mucci
Broken Silence / Soul Force / Sound Quake
April 27, 2012

Return Of The Raggamuffin - Skarra Mucci Track list
  1. Lyric Millionear
  2. Jah Blessings
  3. Steppin Outta
  4. Feel Allright
  5. Love Light
  6. My Girl feat. U-Jean
  7. The Letter
  8. Insane (Trouble-Trouble)
  9. Informer
  10. Movie Star feat. Delroy Wilson
  11. Raggamuffin
  12. Big Dreams
  13. Herbman Anthem
  14. My Number
  15. Complain
  16. Love Mi Fi Mi feat. Kiprich
  17. Suppa Star
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5
Skarra Mucci is a Jamaican artist, now living in Europe, who is dubbed the Lyric Millionnaire. After performing for years with bands like Dread Colours, Ganglords, and Dee Buzz sound as frontman he unleashed his debut solo album "Rise & Shine" in 2007. Five years later he is ready to take over with his current (fourth) album 'Return Of The Raggamuffin'.

The name Skarra Mucci stands for: first 3 letters are "Ska", then you have the "R" which stands for reggae of course, while "RA" refers to Raggamuffin. "MU" stands for good music and the two letters "C" are for his first names and finally the "I" for 'the I & I'! His music is based on old-skool 80s/90s dancehall, with a joyful flavour and very danceable. Household names like Burru Banton, Admiral Bailey, Johnny P, General Trees, Reggie Stepper and Dirtsman come to mind when listening to his 20 (!) track album.

The album was created in Europe with the help of Weedy G Soundforce, a group of reggae/dancehall lovers (Mr. Bandito, B-Hi Selecta and King Philly aka Weedy Gonzalez) from Männedorf at the Lake of Zurich in Switzerland. From that team comes the awesome rootical tune Jah Blessings, the average lovers tune Love Light, loosely based on The Temptations 'My Girl' and the dancehall killers Insane (Trouble-Trouble) and Big Dreams. The key tune Raggamuffin takes its intro from the Gregory/Dennis classic of the same name. The Italian based label Oneness Records produced the lovers tune Love Mi Fi Mi on the 'Reggaeville' riddim and features Jamacian dancehall star Kiprich.

For the tune Feel Allright Skarra Mucci takes the infamous 'Murderer aka Heavenless' riddim, adds some well known dancehall lyrics/melodies (Yellowman, Tony Tuff) and the result is just great! Movie Star sees Skarra Mucci together with Delroy Wilson across the riddim of the same name. Some more Delroy Wilson in Complain, also known as 'It's a Shame', a soul classic made famous in reggae by Delroy. The Silvertones scored with 'Smile', here Skarra Mucci transforms it into an herbs anthem called Informer.

Listening to this album we really would like to see him perform, we're convinced the man sets a dance on fire! For the album, it would be better if he'd omitted weaker tunes like Love Light, Suppa Star and The Letter and would have come up with a 15 track killer album, but still there's plenty of niceness and old-skool dancehall vibes left to enjoy!