Album review
So Gesehen
DHF/Peperone Rec.-Indigo
03 - 02 - 2004

Tracking list

  1. Abgehen
  2. Sommerzeit
  3. 90 60 90
  4. Ich Will Tanzen
  5. Laber Laber
  6. Die Kuschelei
  7. Null
  8. Ganja Smoke
  9. Du Lügst
  10. Ich Glaub's Nicht
  11. Sound Ist Meine Welt
  12. Ruhig Blut
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 5 Backing : 4 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4

This album shows, like some earlier over the last 6 months reviewed albums, that it is indeed possible to get the attention with fresh crisp sounding roots ragga in German, in the blossoming German reggae scene. Over the last few years the rumour spread quite a few times that 'the new Benjie album' was finally about to be released. Now it's finally there, and it meets the high expectations his surprise hit "Ganja Smoka" gave. With his deep semi-monotonous singjaying he first tells us to get off if we want in "Abgehen" before his upful and catchy tribute to the summer "Sommerzeit" makes it impossible not to start dancing. The tribute to female curves "90 60 90" is as strong and closer in Benjie's delivery to German rap, but the riddim (like all riddims on this album built by Benjie himself, and produced by DPS-Productions / Peperone Records' chief Hellmut Haferland) is pure reggae, and opera-intro and melodic bubbling keyboard embellished "Ich Will Tanzen" 'I Want To Dance' is a tribute to DJs that once again is able to catch your feet as soon as it starts playing. "Laber Laber" 'Bla Bla' is about the confrontation with someone just continuing to chat up on you with nothing interesting, and perfectly lyrically describes the annoyance that brings. "Kuschelei" 'Cuddling' is all about the emptiness and feeling of lonelineness after it is over, with a wonderful female chorus by Julia Günther, over a melancholic riddim. "Null" 'Zero' is another melancholic tune about happiness being at level zero, with some fitting scratches by madMixx, and a wonderful saxophone in the background, played by producer Hellmut Haferland, who also provides alongside C. Riebe the horns in Benjie's best known tune "Ganja Smoka" all about legalizing the herb. Another tune about problems in love is Du Lügst" 'You Lie', that has another nice bubbling riddim underpinning the message that Benjie tried hard enough but finally saw the hard truth. "Ich Glaub's Nicht" 'I Don't Believe It' has a superb horn riff, live bass and lyrics about meeting the right girl just like that in a club at a dance, and the disbelief about suddenly being happy, wonderful song. Another tribute to reggae music is the equally strong "Sound Ist Meine Welt" 'Sound Is My World' that is as explicit in its love for the music as "Ich Will Tanzen". "Ruhig Blut" 'Peaceful Blood' is a cry for peace and understanding between all people and nations, with lyra und bouzouki arranged over an oriental like riddim. This very convincing debut album has surely been worth waiting for it, and does live up to the expectations that Benjie rose through his contributions to the "Dancehallfieber"-compilations.