Album review
Sounds From The Burning Spear : Burning Spear At Studio One
Burning Spear
Soul Jazz Records-Munich
October 25 - 2004

Tracking list

  1. Door Peeper
  2. This Race
  3. Swellheaded
  4. Call On You
  5. Ethiopians
  6. Creation Rebel
  7. Bad To Worse
  8. Rocking Time
  9. Zion Higher
  10. Foggy Road
  11. We Are Free
  12. Joe Frazier
  13. New Civilization
  14. Down By The Riverside
  15. This Population
  16. Get Ready
  17. Journey
  18. What A Happy Day
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4/5

Burning Spear has recorded these two legendary albums for Coxsonne Dodd in the early seventies :
  • Studio One Presents Burning Spear
  1. Ethiopians Live It Out                7. Door Peep Shall Not Enter
  2. We Are Free                           8. Pick Up The Pieces
  3. Fire Down Bellow                      9. Get Ready             
  4. Creation                             10. Journey        
  5. Don't Mess With Jill                 11. Them A Come  
  6. Down By The Riverside                12. He Prayed     
  • Rocking Time
  1. Call On You                           7. What A Happy Day         
  2. Foggy Road                            8. This Race          
  3. Swell Headed                          9. Walla Walla           
  4. Girls Like You                       10. Rocking Time   
  5. Old Time Saying                      11. Weeping And Wailing
  6. Bad To Worst                         12. Mamie      

Both albums see The Spear delivering raw and undiluted reggae. Whatever some people in the business might say about Coxsonne Dodd's treatment of his artists, there were not many producers who would have spent time and money on such seemingly uncommercial material as these two albums -only the popular 'He Prayed' aka Joe Frazier made the Jamaican Top 5 in 1972. Burning Spearšs radical music defined and pioneered Roots music in the late 60s and early 1970s giving them a timeless quality today. Later in his long lasting career Burning Spear re-recorded several of these album's tracks. Burning Spear's career has spanned three decades and untill now Burning Spear is alive and well..still recording and touring around the word, performing in front of enthousiastic crowds. A truly living legend !
Now Souljazz Records from the UK puts out the album "Sounds From The Burning Spear : Burning Spear At Studio One". Coxsonne Dodd has released both albums as CD, but the sound quality of the Studio One cd's is not as good as this album. The album could also be called 'The Best of Burning Spear at Studio One' as it draws from the above mentioned albums and adds three songs This Poulation, Zion Higher and New Civilisation, all of them released at that time as 7inch singles. Long time Burning Spear fans will be pleased with the release of this long overdue collection of Burning Spearšs classic Studio One material, while others who are not familiar with the Spear's past will be able to check out the deep roots of the living legend Winston Rodney aka Burning Spear.

Teacher & Mr. T.