Sly & Robbie
Vinyl LP / Digital Release
January 31, 2015

Track list
  1. Satan Fall
  2. Freedom Ring
  3. Drone Snipers
  4. Bully Tactics
  5. To The Rescue
  6. No Surrender
  7. Flame Thrower
  8. Dub-Ble Agent
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Total votes : 24
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
Throughout their illustrious and influential career, SLY & ROBBIE have released Dub albums of incredible capability and capacity. Over the last few years, The Riddim Twins have put out projects that just resonate and detonate in Heart and Soul with raw power. Consider "Blackwood Dub" and the follow up "Underwater Dub". Two of the most stirring Dub albums of the last three years. They have now teamed up with legendary sound wizard Paul "Groucho" Smykle; a reunion 30 years in the making. This is the man behind the mastery of early '80's classics "Raiders Of The Lost Dub" and "Dub Factor", to name a few. Eight tracks were selected; solid productions from 2006-12. The result is "DUBRISING"; released on the revitalized Tabou1 label and produced by the devoted and visionary Guillaume Bougard (longtime partner in TAXI productions). The parameters of DUB music have just been elevated to new and crucial levels...

The players of instruments are the legendary roll call known as The Taxi Gang. Talking about Sly Dunbar-drums, percussion. Bass-Robbie Shakespeare. Guitars-Mikey Chung, the late Darryl Thompson, Dalton Browne, Dougie Bryan and Willie Lindo. Keyboards-Robbie Lyn, Ansel Collins, Lenky Marsden, Franklyn "Bubbler" Waul, Tyrone Downie and overdubs from Dan Donovan (Big Audio Dynamite). Percussion-the late Sticky Thompson, Skully Simms and harmonica from the legendary Bunny Mckenzie. Initial sessions took place at Harry J's and Anchor Studio. These legendary musicians have been linked together for decades and responsible for the evolution and integrity of Jamaican music; from Ska to Rocksteady to Reggae. Mr. Smykle took a day of preparation (nobody bothers him in this process) to set up his tools of his trade (minus ProTools or equivalent technology). An absolute master of music theory and checking new musical frontiers!

Satan Fall (Horace Andy's "Zion Gate") is enormous. This is a futuristic and "phat" Dub vision. Laden with Horace's dreamy vox, guitar chops, percussion and bouncing key work, this will engage you from the start. Freedom Ring (Khalifa, 2013) features broad syn overdubs and Sly's drum patterns abound amid this ethereal Dubscape. Mr. Smykle has a mixing touch unlike anyone in the business; we are taken to another dimension while still embedded in the Roots. Drone Snipers (Horace Andy's "Rastafari Prophecy") is given the African connection. Horace's vox, deep percussion and wide keyboard work makes this a perfect balance of ancient meets future fixture. Tastefully presented. Bully Tactics (Chezidek's "Devil You Can't Bully Me") is wicked! Bunny McKenzie's Dread harmonica stands firm with massive horns and Sly's drum and Robbie's bass work given an Iron edge. Deconstruction and reconstruction is expertly presented here with surgical precision. Memories of "Raiders Of The Lost Dub" for sure.

To The Rescue (Horace Andy's "Holy Mt.Zion") is mountain terrain. An incredible highlight from the "Livin' It Up" album, Groucho adds musical uranium and platinum to a sound that fattens and broadens with each second. Horace Andy and guest King Kong's energy is intertwined into a rugged music scape that deserves deep exploration. A unique and powerful Dub that reaches the outer parameters and holds tight! No Surrender (Chezidek's "Surrender") takes no prisoners! The echo chamber is in full effect with Chezidek's fine delivery navigating around the sound mines and mind blowing musical detonation blasts. Once again, Sly and Robbie's foundation serves as the unbreakable backbone. Serious work! Flame Thrower (Horace Andy's "King Of Kings") continues the sound odyssey nicely. Licks and kicks are showcased triumphantly and the overall package needs to be opened again and again! Towards the end of his career, Bunny "Rugs" Clarke visited some classic Reggae anthems and injected his heartfelt delivery with class and style. Certainly the case of his working of Gregory Isaac's "Rumours". Its Dub companion is Dub-Ble Agent and it's serious Fyah. Bunny's seasoned voice is given ample respect amid the colossal and textured treatment that Mr. Smykle prescribes. The ingredients are bin shaken and stirred; resulting in a musical mixture that breaks new ground in the realm of Dub theory. Massive track indeed!

SLY & ROBBIE's "DUBRISING" is a historic event in Reggae music and beyond. The musical partnership worked so smooth decades ago; it was a natural progression for The Riddim Twins to visit Mr. Smykle again. The result is simply amazing. Yes, the Foundation is intact but the futuristic textures and layers break new musical ground. The music world as a whole will take notice of this landmark album. It's in a class by itself yet has the urgency that "Raiders Of The Lost Dub" did back in 1981. The decision to use tracks from Horace Andy's "Livin' It Up" and Chezidek's "I Grade" (two of the most solid albums of the last ten years) is a wise concept and is served up so well. Do not miss out on one of the most profoundly solid Dub albums since the dawn of the millennium. Highest recommendation. GO DEH!!!