Get Up & Get Going
Sebastian Sturm
Rootdown Records / Soulbeats Records
October 8, 2011

Get Up & Get Going - Sebastian Sturm & Exile Airline Track list
  1. Get Going
  2. Responsibility
  3. Don't Look Back
  4. Children, Don't Go Blind
  5. Never Been As Sad
  6. Burn The Money
  7. It's Not Just
  8. Movin' Away
  9. Faith
  10. Life Was A Bubble
  11. Upside Down
  12. Tear Down The Walls feat. Kiddus I
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
After having released the well-received debut album "This Change Is Nice" in 2006 and then the acclaimed "One Moment In Peace" set in 2008, both featuring the seasoned Jin-Jin band, singer/songwriter Sebastian Sturm comes up with his third album entitled "Get Up & Get Going". The latter marks a new start in the musical career of the 30-year-old inhabitant of Aachen, Germany. Last winter Sebastian Sturm, his live band Jin-Jin and his producer and manager Martin Pauen split up after 5 successful years. After a short test phase, Sebastian Sturm and his new Exile Airline band, consisting of Danger Dan (keys, vocals), Moses C. (riddim guitar, vocals, percussion), Helmuth Fass (bass), Philip Breidenbach (guitar / production) and Samuel Reissen (drums), began to record new songs for the third album, which mostly already existed in acoustic versions at this point.

And now, in the autumn of 2011, Sebastian Sturm's brand new 12-track album "Get Up & Get Going" has been released in Germany (on Rootdown Records) and France (on Soulbeats Records). Musically this new collection doesn't differ that much from its predecessors, as it still strongly refers to the Roots Rock Reggae values from the the 1970s. However working with a new band and new producer has led to incorporating new influences and musical elements, which overall gives the polished sound a somewhat different feel and flavour. "Get Up & Get Going" is filled with well sung conscious lyrics, delivered beautifully over expertly played original riddims. Followers of Sebastian Sturm know that he has also been praised for his 'unplugged' sessions, and with the acoustic songs "Get Going" and "Faith" he gives a good impression of what one can expect when attending such a session. Songs such as "Children, Don't Go Blind", "Burn The Money", "Movin' Away", "Upside Down", and the superb combination tune with the legendary Kiddus I, "Tear Down The Walls" (a song for Sebastian Sturm's daughter), instantly grab your attention and urge you to push the replay button. But also the remaining tracks have their own merit and are worth hearing.

With "Get Up & Get Going", Sebastian Sturm delivers an enjoyable and entertaining third album.