Album review
Stage One
Sean Paul
Walboomers Music/VP Records

Tracking list

  1. Mental Prelude
  2. She Want It
  3. Infiltrate
  4. Nicky (skit)
  5. Hot Gal Today (Haffi Get Di Gal) featuring Mr. Vegas
  6. Real Man
  7. Dutty Techniques (skit)
  8. Check It Deeply
  9. Mek It Go So Den
  10. Examples of Things Not To Do In Bed (skit)
  11. Deport Them
  12. Tiger Bone
  13. Faded
  14. Definite
  15. Shineface (skit)
  16. Disrespect
  17. Sound the Alarm
  18. Uptowners (skit)
  19. No Bligh
  20. Slap Trap
  21. Strategy
  22. A Word From the Hon. Ministers (skit)
  23. Next Generation
  24. You Must Lose
  25. Outro
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 4

Sean Paul is one of the hottest artist in the dancehall scene of today. His long awaited debut album "Stage One" refers to a man who has just begun and it can only get better from here on out. His impressive catalog of hit singles have placed him on charts and playlists the world over. This hot new dancehall sensation who brought you his current break out hit,Hot Gal Today and Infiltrate (the single that played hand & hand with Beenie Man's, 'Who Am I') across Jeremy Harding's wicked 'Playground' riddim, is here with his debut album appropriately titled, "Stage One".
The album "Stage One" features some of Sean Paul's best releases. It features nearly everything from his debut hit single Infiltrate to the explicit lyrics on She Want It. Sean Paul has ensured that he has maintained his position at the center of his music. Nestled comfortably amongst these singles are the explosive wicked lyrics on Check It Deeply and the back and forth confrontation between Sean and the other young dancehall star Mr. Vegas on, Hot Gal Today. There is much to think about on the "Stage One" album, but even more to dance to because his album gathers some of the best dancehall riddims from several Jamaican production houses like Steely & Clevie's 'Street Sweeper' and 'Bitter Blood', Tony Kelly's 'Bookshelf', and King Jammy's 'Bada Bada', Richard "Shams" Browne's 'Intercourse', Mo Music's 'Headache', just to name but a few.
In total, "Stage One" features 17 tracks for your listening pleasure. The production quality on the album is excellent. Production work on the album was completed by varied sources, thus giving, "Stage One" its unique sound. Producers that contributed to, "Stage One" include Jeremy Harding, Craig "Leftside" Parkes, C. Smith, B. Murray, Lloyd "John John" James, King Jammy, Jason "Jigzagula" Henriques, Donovan Germaine, Louis "Flabba" Malcolm, Richard "Shams" Browne, Tony "CD" Kelly of K. Licious, and Steely & Clevie.
The album "Stage One" is also an enhanced CD-Rom for multimedia play on a PC or Mac*. It features the Hot Gal Today video, interview and photos of Sean Paul.
(*not compatible with all computers. check minimum requirements)

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Sean Paul
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