Suffering Man
Anthony B
Tad's Records
October 31, 2006

Track list
  1. Intro
  2. Bless Up
  3. Suffering Man
  4. Reggae Gone Pon Top
  5. No Fraid Of Nobody
  6. Give Thanks
  7. Mr Controversy
  8. Cheating Part 1
  9. Black Woman
  10. You Are
  11. Black Mother Foooo
  12. Never Say Sorry
  13. It Surely Hurts
  14. Ras Cloth
  15. More Passa Passa
  16. Defend It
  17. Pusher
  18. Slavery
  19. Reggae Party
  20. Condom
  21. Unbalance
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5
Anthony B (born Keith Blair) is the living personification of Afrikan consciousness in Reggae. The traditional route of most Afrikan singers is via the church and Anthony B is no exception. Growing up in Clarks Town in the parish of Trelawny (a parish noted for the heroic Afrikan freedom fighters, the Maroons, who defeated the English military), his Revivalist grandmother and Seventh Day Adventist mother, immersed him in the singing, call and response and clapping mechanics of rural Jamaica. In this rural environment Afrikan culture is best found and preserved in Jamaica, not Kingston nor urban St. Andrew.

Anthony B tried King Jammys, Black Scorpio and other studio producers after but none saw fit to help plant musical corn of the budding genius. Undeterred he was looking for a break at Black Scorpio studio one day when Little Devon introduced him to Afrocentric producer of Garnett "Mama Africa" Silk fame, Richard "Bello" Bell of Star Trail Label. Recordings and releases followed quickly and his first hit was "Repentance Time". The bigger hits "Fire Pon Rome", "Rumour" and "Raid Di Barn" followed in quick pursuit and his landmark debut album "Real Revolutionary" was released to popular acclaim in 1996.

Anthony B's new album is the first project for Anthony B and Tad 'Tads' Dawkins. Anthony B was looking for a producer with a particular feel for foundation/roots music, and Tads is an experienced producer for that kind of music. So to know that somebody who is a pioneer like that is helping with his work is fulfilling. Quote: "I think this is going to do very well. It took a long time in putting it together, but it will be worth the wait." he assured. The album is full of all kind of great tunes delivered in a variety of styles: roots, dancehall, romance, resulting in an overall fantastic album.

Like you would expect there are some great riddims utilized here, starting with the first song on the album: Bless Up, the freedom fighter song on the "Cuss Cuss" riddim. Anthony B really shines on Reggae Gone Pon Top over the classic "Revolution/Intercom" riddim. There's also the romantic Mr Controversy across the "Loving Pauper" riddim, and Never Say Sorry a mixed feelings tune over the "Carpenter" riddim. Yet another sweet tune here - on the "Sleng Teng" riddim - is Ras Cloth. Other noteworthy efforts are Cheating Part 1 and Suffering Man, two real sweet tunes about life.

Listening to this album one experiences the satisfaction of the controversial DJ about his collaboration with veteran producer Tad Dawkins.