Album review
Sufferer's Cry
Tony Roots
Roots Hi-Tek

Tracking list

  1. Sufferer's Cry
  2. Reggae Song
  3. Trouble
  4. Rise
  5. Lamb And Lion
  6. Rasta Chant 1
  7. Dread Armagideon
  8. War Zone
  9. Yagga Yagga
  10. Mr. Fraud
  11. Rasta Chant 1 (Verse 2)
  12. Merciful Fadda
  13. Sharpville Massacre 1960 (Part 1)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3

"Sufferer's Cry" is Tony Roots' latest album, the follow up to his well received first CD "Not Far Away", which was released on Barry Isaacs' "Reggae On Top" label last autumn. Born and raised in the Mandeville area at the island of Jamaica, but living in London since a dozen years, Tony Roots - The Reggae Soldier - has become a popular UK roots singer, who is known and loved for his powerful voice and fine songwriting skills. His strong vocal performance and the positive conscious lyrical content of his songs come to full expression on this truly solid roots album. "Sufferer's Cry" is a fine collection of realistic message tunes and cultural pieces, which reflect the spiritual depth of an inspired songwriter/singer. No weak tune to be found, which makes it hard to indicate the standouts or even the best efforts. So, let's just mention our most favourite tracks, however not intending to disqualify the others. The title track "Sufferer's Cry" is an awesome, echo-laden tune, with horns and backing vocals adding a special flavor. "Trouble" is another sufferers tune, which not only musically but also lyrically impresses. Then "Lamb And Lion", a wonderful cultural song, incorporating great harmony vocals. And also "Dread Armagideon" is an overwhelming cultural delivery. Another outstanding piece is the wicked message tune "War Zone". The album rounds off with a 'dubby' instrumental and the 'dub' version of "Dread Armagideon", both excellent and well worth spinning.
On "Sufferer's Cry" - produced by Anthony Afum-Appea (Hi-Tek) - Tony Roots is accompanied by the cream of UK session musicians including Hughie Issachaar, Jonah Dan, Robert Tribulation, Tony "Crucial" Phillips, Russ D., Fish Brown and Crispy Horns. It pays as they provide the kind of deep roots riddims that fit this singer's delivery so very well. Highly enjoyable and not only recommended to mega roots fans!

Teacher & Mr. T.