Super Ape
Lee 'Scratch' Perry & The Upsetters
Island Records
October, 1976

Track list
  1. Zion's Blood
  2. Croaking Lizard
  3. Black Vest
  4. Underground
  5. Curly Dub
  6. Dread Lion
  7. Three In One
  8. Patience
  9. Dub Along
  10. Super Ape
The little upsetter, super ape, scratch, is beating down Babylon with his Black Ark. There he is at his console in his black iron vest. Some roast fish and cornbread in one hand and a croaking lizard in the other. He`s dubbing along. I can hear a voice in the background "toasting", but I can`t make out what he`s saying. Have patience. I pick up my pen and I write. The bass passes it to the drum and the drum passes it to me.

One good thing about collie, when it hits you feel ire ... Super Ape is good Colombian. The dread Lion lives. I hear the voice of Mr. Perry in the background and this is what it says. I forget what it says. Jah Jah arms are open ... so I and I will never work in vain. Turn down that noise. Hand me that spliff. Hold your hands in front. Let`s go, you`re under a... Hand me five stars. Now get up and MOVE YA!