Sugar Shack Records
November 5, 2013

Track list
  1. Greetings & Salutations
  2. Help Yourself
  3. Hey Yout'
  4. Season For Freeman
  5. Things Ah Get Tough
  6. Praise Jah
  7. Greetings & Dubulations
  8. Dub Yourself
  9. Hey Yout' (Melodica Version)
  10. Season For Dub
  11. Things Ah Dub
  12. Praise Dub
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
UK Roots Reggae legends like Black Roots, Joshua Moses and Black Slate have all put out brand new classics in the last year. There is another group of this caliber that has just followed suit in a big way. Talisman has just released "I-Surrection"; their third album and first new material since 1990. This ultra tight outfit has been steadily touring since reuniting in 2011; so this instant classic is in the natural order of the continuation of King's Musik.

Talisman are a unit that formed in Bristol in 1977 and quickly made a name for themselves. Their no-nonsense Roots commentary of social distress and dread observation quickly put them on the map. Their poignant song, "Dole Age", was a direct anthem of the times (still is) and this caught the attention of the music world. Though they have gone through a few band member changes, the core remained true. Comprised of Dehvan Othieno (vox, guitar), Dennison Joseph (vox, bass) - note: their musical links span 35 years -, Dennis Hutchinson (keys), Pete Fletcher (guitar) and Reggie Chambers (drums), their sound is undiluted and raw. Their debut album, "Taking The Strain" (1984) and the follow up, "Jam Rock" (1990) are pivotal pieces of UK Reggae history. In their initial heyday, they opened for the Rolling Stones, Burning Spear, The Clash and more. The group disbanded in 1990 but members remained busy in the music scene. Bristol Archive Records mastermind Mike Darby approached them a few years ago and the release of "Dole Age - The 1981 Reggae Collection" and subsequent "Bristol Reggae Explosion" series garnered enough spark for a reunification. On May 27, 2011, Talisman played their first live show in decades at The Fleece, Bristol. The rest is pure beauty...

Talisman teamed up with Rootikal Productions David Hill for a six vocal/six dub comeback set that is simply amazing. The aforementioned band members and the acclaimed Matic Horns joined forces for an album that carries their message so well. It opens with Greetings & Salutations; a solid reminder to respect the Rastaman. Dehvan's vocal approach is seasoned with wiseness and the musical backbone is stripped down nicely; a live feel to it. Solid writing and arrangement. Help Yourself is as pertinent in the 1980's as it is now. Talisman is not trying to modernize their sound; just carry it forward. Dehvan's vocals are Marleyesque and the Dehvan/Dennison harmonies are dreadly beautiful. Hutchison's key work is strictly bubblin and all sounds are intertwined so nicely. Proud song! Hey Yout' is a tour de force reminding future generations to be wise. A heavy and deep riddim makes this a winner. Season For Freeman is THE standout selection here! An ode to everyone from Haile Selassie to Marcus Garvey to the late, great chatter Smiley Culture; this song harks back to their earlier works with an incredible contribution by Matic Horns. This song fires on all cylinders. Lyrics like, "we almost graduate to rule" and the Congoesque harmonies make this a stunner. Things Ah Get Tough is as rough as it gets. A gritty and real message - "Bam, what a grand slam, things a get tough and they'll get tougher". The song has an early Reggae feel with pure musician manship shining through. The final vocal, Praise Jah has a distinctively JA feel to it. Totally engaging with Groundation arrangements and thoughtful acoustic guitar echoes early Ras Michael works (but all their own).

David Hill produced and mixed this set which paves the way for some great Dub work. Greetings Dub is a stripped down Dub that showcases Hutchinson's bubbling and fades in the vocals just nice. Dub Yourself is a platform to allow the listener to feel how tight this band really is. You don't have to outdo Roots parameters to get a great sound. Hey Yout'(Melodica version) would make Augustus Pablo proud. The ancient instrument is utilized so well over a Roots musical hotbed! Season For Dub harks back to a King Tubby's approach with pure ites. The essentials are there and the mixing board is respected. Things Ah Dub and Praise Dub follow in this same vein.

Talisman's "I-Surrection" is a piece of musical history. Every song is a manifestation of Truth and Reality. The group's delivery and quality has only increased in every sense. This is their third album and is certainly their best! This is an example of how "don't fix it if it's not broken". Talisman has not tried to outdo themselves or modernize themselves; just carrying on their Royal musical link. This classic needs to be in your collection immediately. GO DEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!